The implicit victim-blaming at the heart of the gun fetish

So there was this cartoon recently: Needless to say, it was gross on a bunch of levels and I didn’t want to give it more exposure. But yesterday some woman named Gayle Trotter, who works at a thing called the Independent Women’s Forum, testified before the Senate. She claimed that guns were essential to women’s […]

He’s a successful business man!

Robert Graham won the AZ GOP state chair race decisively at the party’s reorganization meeting today. Jeremy Duda of the AZ Capitol Times (yes, it’s behind a paywall, sorry) interviewed Graham: After the meeting, Graham told Arizona Capitol Times that the Arizona Republican Party has been lacking in its execution, fundraising and other areas. He […]

Rich golfer whines about taxes, President of AZ Chamber is eager to lick his cleats.

Glenn Hamer, President of the AZ Chamber of Commerce and Industry, invited the huddled masses of whiny rich Californians to Arizona in the form of an “open letter” to famous multi-millionaire golfer and whiner-about-taxes Phil Mickelson. Dear Phil, I read your recent comments about the crushing tax burden California has imposed on wage earners like […]

Anti-choicers yelling in trees vs anti-choicers with respectable platforms.

Mark and I went to the Inauguration and I didn’t bring my laptop for the trip so I didn’t do any blogging. I’m hoping I can’t catch a re-broadcast of it on C-SPAN since in the standing room area we were we only saw what was visible on the jumbotron behind a large speaker. We […]

Americans for Prosperity AZ is having a meltdown over the Medicaid expansion

Someone please get Tom Jenney a valium. I didn’t think it was possible to get this upset over the poors getting health care but the President of AFP-AZ is simply beside himself with fury. In its 2012 decision in NFIB v. Sebelius, the same court challenge that Brewer proudly joined, a 7-2 majority of the […]

Some (tentatively) good news from the Capitol today.

Governor Jan Brewer surprised the audience of her State of the State speech this afternoon by calling for expanding Arizona’s Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). Well, it’s not really so shocking considering how everyone from the Chamber of Commerce to the hospitals to the Children’s Action Alliance has been begging her […]

What makes Republican Governors act well?

Per HuffPo, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez (R) has announced that her state will be participating in the Obamacare Medicaid expansion: A second Republican governor has agreed to carry out an expansion of Medicaid under President Barack Obama’s health care reform law. New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez announced her plans Tuesday. Martinez and Nevada’s Gov. […]

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