Phoenix passes anti-discrimination ordinance. And it is a huge deal.

The Mayor and City Council held a hearing at the Orpheum Theater yesterday afternoon prior to the vote to include LGBT and disabled persons in Phoenix’s anti-discrimination ordinance (which eventually passed 5 to 3). It seemed (I was watching it on Channel 11) that the large crowd there was mostly supportive of the bill. But […]

Councilman DiCiccio suggests that transgender people are child predators

Sal DiCiccio posted a long note on his Facebook page today: Churches Under Assault/Catholic Diocese Objects/Mayor Stanton Proposes Radical Agenda Mayor Stanton’s proposal (see here: is a radical left turn for Phoenix. Labeled the “Bathroom Bill” it allows grown men in the girls’ bathrooms at our parks, businesses and restaurants and it imposes criminal sanctions […]

More victim blaming by the gun lobby

It’s pretty blatant here. This is nothing more than gun manufacturers tapping into action movie hero fantasies to sell more guns. The woman-uses-gun-to-defend-herself-against-marauder scenario assumes a white woman attacked on the street, or in her home or car, by a villain. She is able to access her gun readily to shoot her attacker. He either […]

Extremism is just another word for…losing the debate

So I saw from my Twitter feed that it was an eventful afternoon at the Arizona State Capitol the other day. Lots of bills debated and observers of the Senate Government and Environment Committee were treated a debate over whether sustainability is a communist UN plot or not courtesy of, natch, the Republicans on the […]

Another successful businessman conducting himself with dignity and decorum

By now you may have heard or read the shocking report of a white male airline passenger striking a black baby across the face for crying during the landing. “Jonah starts crying because he’s feeling the pressure in his ears,” Jessica Bennett, the toddler’s mother, told ABC News. The 60-year-old man told Bennett to “shut […]

Rumors of federalism’s death are greatly exaggerated

Bob Robb wryly bemoaned the “death of federalism” in his latest column. Federalism was a big deal to the founders. They wanted an energetic national government, but one that was confined to enumerated national functions. The founders also envisioned a bright line between the federal and state governments, each sovereign within their own spheres. We […]

Diva media stuff

Hi kids, been busier than a one-armed paper hanger with a case of the hives at work these days but, of course, I will still find the time show up any time someone sticks a microphone in front of me so I did the Sunday Square Off last week (sorry for forgetting to announce). Tonight […]

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