John Kavanagh and Cathi Herrod need a lesson in manners.

Late Wednesday afternoon, the Arizona House of Representatives Appropriations Committee made a large group of people wait several hours before they could hear testimony and comment on committee chair John Kavanagh’s “bathroom bill”. Kavanagh’s bill is basically retribution for the recent Phoenix City Council vote to include gender expression and disability in the city’s anti-discrimination […]

Marriage equality opponents want a trophy

As the Supreme Court hears arguments in the California Prop 8 case today, Center for Arizona Policy president Cathi Herrod lectures us moral degenerates with a My Turn column about the wonders of straight marriage, while dumping on single parents of all orientations. That may sound a little overstated, but it is in the union […]

Robert Robb pulls the “I’m rubber, you’re glue” gambit on voter suppression charges

I am speaking, of course, of Arizona Republic columnist Bob Robb patiently white man-splaining race relations to us. Racism is ugly and has been a searing experience in American history. It undoubtedly still exists. Unjustified accusations of racism are perhaps less ugly, but intolerably ugly nonetheless. And a decent case can be made that the […]

When you grab a tiger by its tail you go where it takes you

Pity poor Glenn Hamer, President of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry and former executive director of the Arizona Republican Party, for he’s feeling terribly hurt and confused by how mean some of (well, a lot of) his Republican compatriots are being to Governor Brewer over the Medicaid expansion. Time for adult leadership at […]

Moderate Republican Arizona State Senators voting ever so moderately

I keep being told there are some Republicans in the Arizona legislature who are so gosh darn nice and reasonable and moderate deep down inside. They really, honesty, truly want to do well by the people of Arizona! But they are forced – forced! – to vote badly by the evil menace of Grover Norquist […]

Anti-choice politics and rape culture

Like many observers of the Steubenville rape case, I was heartened by the guilty verdict (the disgusting claim by the defense attorneys that the victim was consenting because she had not “affirmatively” said no failed) and dismayed by the insensitivity and outright cruelty some people have shown toward the victim. CNN correspondents Candy Crowley and […]

Goldwater Institute report reveals there’s not a whole lot of daylight between libertarians and corporatists

Arizona Working Families, a pro-labor group, and the Center for Media and Democracy have released A Reporter’s Guide to the Goldwater Institute What Citizens, Policymakers, and Reporters Should Know. The guide is a good primer on GI for those not familiar with it and also contains a lot of information about how the Institute operates, […]

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