Brain trust trying to recall Chad Campbell

Oh this is cute: Arizona House Minority Leader Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix, could face a recall election… …Former unsuccessful legislative candidate Bob Thomas of Phoenix, who is involved with the recall committee, called Fire Representative Chad Campbell, said: “People are concerned about some of the issues he’s been promoting. The list (of issues) is too long […]

Medicaid expansion and (some) Republicans picking the right side

Let me just come right out and say something that you will rarely, if ever, hear me say: I like the way Governor Brewer and the Chamber of Commerce are handling something. I am speaking of the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, which the Governor and business leaders have not only come out in favor of, but […]

If only we could just “pay for it ourselves”

In a stunning turn of events – if by “stunning” you mean “wholly predictable” – a group of GOP Representatives are threatening to hold up sequester negotiations unless the Obama administration rolls back the Affordable Care Act’s mandate to provide contraception coverage in employee health plans. Their excuse, natch, is “religious freedom”. GOP lawmakers reintroduced […]

Tom Horne left a lot out of the Arizona Voting Rights Act story

Big tip o’ the hat to my bestest commenter Timmy’s Cat for linking to this USC Review of Law and Social Justice article: “Voting Rights in Arizona: 1982–2006.” The article outlines Arizona’s sordid history of voter suppression, which led to our being subject to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. It was not, as […]

Researchers have a possible explanation for why GOP lawmakers are so right wing

Dylan Matthews of the Washington Post yesterday had a fascinating little piece about recent research showing a disparity between the actual positions of the voting public vs. what state legislators believe those positions are, leading to a “systemic bias against liberal policies at the state level”. Broockman and Skovron find that all legislators consistently believe […]

Tom Horne rebels against his Mommy

AZ Attorney General Tom Horne says that Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act (requiring Dept. of Justice pre-clearance of election law changes in certain jurisdictions) is “now irrational”. This amendment was reverse-engineered to take in Arizona, which adopted bilingual ballots in 1974, not 1972. Now, more than a third of a century later, we […]

Pick a Side Part 2: VAWA

In furtherance of my project to banish the egregious bogosity that is the “both sides do it” false equivalence to the bowels of hell where it belongs: Last Thursday the House of Representatives finally reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act, or VAWA as it’s commonly known. VAWA, which expanded protections to abuse victims and set […]

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