In which credit is given

Linda Valdez is one the better columnists at the AZ Republic so I was surprised to see her play the “both sides” card and chide Democrats for being insufficiently praise-ful of Governor Brewer’s Medicaid expansion. It’s time to give her some credit. The Left should not follow the hide-bound example of the Right, which seems […]

Constituents supporting bad ideas for good reasons isn’t a good idea either

Craig at Random Musings’ latest post “Dear US House freshmen: Doing bad works for good reasons is still doing bad works” takes freshman Dems, including Craig’s and my Representative Sinema, to task for a bill that would “exempt broad swaths of trades from new regulation” (per NYT). There were a number of Democrats in this […]

Unequal justice in Maricopa County is everywhere, even in Tent City

Hi all! I have a Very Special Memorial Day post for you guys. Investigative journalist and former US Senate candidate John Dougherty had this response to Friday’s announcement that a federal court has stripped the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to do immigration enforcement due to repeated civil rights violations and evidence of racial profiling: My […]

AZ Rep Johnny Mendez came out as atheist and that is good for all of us

I couldn’t stay for the press conference after the Tuesday Arizona House floor session, but I did arrive at the gallery in time to see AZ Rep. Juan Mendez deliver his now-viral secular invocation on the House floor. Hat tip to Hemant Mehta for the transcript: Most prayers in this room begin with a request […]

Occupy Movement was targeted by Uncle Sam on behalf of Big Business

You may remember (I do since I blogged about it) back in late 2011, when ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, held a big conference right here in the Valley of the Sun. Some folks from the Occupy movement wanted to welcome them with signs and In These Times reporter Beau Hodai tried to talk […]

Feeling grateful for all those Democrats in the AZ Senate today

So budget bills got through the Arizona Senate Thursday, which were surprisingly decent, and the Medicaid expansion won a decisive majority vote. Political strategist and former legislator John Loredo said it best on his Facebook page: Tonight Senate Democrats along with a handful of courageous Republicans passed a reasonable, responsible budget. Dems learned that when […]

Really, when they say who they are, believe them.

Craig McDermott captured an interesting thing Rep. Steve Smith said Tuesday about a ridonkulous bill before the Arizona Legislature, that prevents the evil Federal Government from sapping our Stately essences. Or something. Per Craig: The text of his “explanation” (emphasis added) – Mr. Speaker, I think just since we’re talking a little bit about history, […]

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