Meet Senator Rick Murphy

The closest thing I’ve had to a personal encounter with AZ Senator Rick Murphy was when I went to that Cathi Herrod Church Lady God Bothering Extravaganza a couple years ago. Murphy and his wife were being honored for hoarding foster children for Jesus. When she was done State Senator Rick Murphy and his wife […]

You know lying is immoral, don’t you Governor Brewer?

The Supreme Court, in addition to striking down DOMA and booting Prop 8 back to California, told Arizona to go pound sand with its petition to the highest court to be allowed to deny same sex couples state employee benefits. Statement from Governor Brewer “With its decision today, the Supreme Court has not only upheld […]

Chalk one up for Team Uncivil

In case you’re not a passionately pro-choice dork like I am who watched the whole livestream, pro-choice activists descended upon the Texas Capitol on Tuesday to support heroic Senator Wendy Davis, who filibustered old school style (standing the whole time, no bathroom or water breaks, and having to speak the entire time) against an anti-choice […]

Should Justin Johnson have gotten the Planned Parenthood endorsement?

Planned Parenthood AZ often endorses more than one candidate for the same office and in the Phoenix City Council District 4 race they had several pro-choice candidates to choose from in that heavily Democratic district. They endorsed three: Laura Pastor, David Lujan, and Justin Johnson. They gave three others – Austin Head, Jeffrey Brown, and […]

Is bipartisanship possible in Arizona?

The news media in Arizona are understandably surprised and intrigued by Gov. Brewer hugging AZ House Minority Leader Chad Campbell (no love lost between those two) at the signing of the Medicaid expansion Monday. I’m as cynical as they come but I thought that was nice. And look, I’m not opposed to bipartisanship on principle. […]

Goldwater Institute says racism is over, if you want it

Goldwater Institute lawyer Nick Dranias was channeling Justice Scalia in his appearance on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Show (Ari Melber was subbing for Melissa) Sunday morning. It was a great show so if you missed it I recommend watching all the segments at the link in addition to the three I’ve provided. In this one you […]


Arizona conservatives are passing around this lugubrious video tribute to the Republican legislators who railed against the Medicaid expansion last week. It’s howlingly funny, except for the part about how what’s gotten these people so indignant is healthcare for poor people.

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