Trent Franks explains rape to the ladies

Every time some anti-choice politician runs off at the mouth about rape the question “why can’t they just stop doing that?” arises. I guess the simplest answer is that anti-choicers think about rape a lot. And what they believe about rape, like many of the other things they believe – about female biology, pregnancy and […]

Anti-choicers can’t harass women outside clinics, so they try to be able to harass in them

Anti-choicers have not been having a good year since the Republicans lost their veto-proof majorities and the courts continually rebuff their attempts to restrict abortion. This time they’re back with a last ditch effort to harass abortion clinic and deny poor women the procedure. Here’s what it does: PROVISIONS · Allows the Director and any […]

My afternoon with anti-choicers

Boy, the sacrifices I make for you guys. At noon today I stood, under the blazing Phoenix sun, at the Family Planning Associates clinic on 7th St to listen to an assemblage of delusional nitwits spouting errant nonsense about some “sting” video Lila Rose made about the clinic. Unfortunately my phone’s camera isn’t working so […]

Tuesday was “Ladies, Republicans hate you” day.

So there was a Senate hearing on sexual assault in the military. And Senator Jeff Sessions(R-AL) was there, blaming rape on porn. “We live in a culture that’s awash in sexual activity,” he said. Sexual images, he said, are sold on bases or off base but nearby. “It creates some problems, I think.” Remember that […]

Lila Rose is coming to town!

If you don’t know who she is, here’s a brief introduction: Rose was raised in San Jose, California, the third of eight children of an engineer at Sun Microsystems.[1] She was home-schooled through to the end of high school, and was a history major at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).[1] Rose was raised […]

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