AZ GOP Chair points to lack of strife among Democrats as evidence of “severe and personal” “divisions”.

You know how President Obama hasn’t enacted draconian gun control laws and confiscated everyone’s guns but wingnuts insist that his lack of action in that area proooooves he’s coming for all your guns? Yeah, it makes no sense but that’s how right wing “logic” works. The latest example of this is this AZ Republican Party […]

Pretty soon breathing will be “welfare”

My last post was about Governor Brewer’s “Letter to Fellow Republicans” and the response it got from an outfit called United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives, which claims to be formed of Arizona Republican precinct committeemen in opposition to the Medicaid expansion. Here’s the entire response. Emphasis mine. Brewer and the Rogue Republicans versus Reagan […]

SB1070? What SB1070?

I’d heard that Governor Brewer had sent a “Dear Fellow Republican” email around a couple weeks ago but I hadn’t followed what an uproar it was creating amongst the activist base of the AZ GOP until today. Here’s Brewer’s letter from July 12th, which purports to deliniate her many conservative accomplishments as Governor and reassure […]

New York Times columnist wants to experiment on poor women in a Red state

In fairness, op-ed writers don’t typically write their own headlines but Ross Douthat’s Sunday column is called “The Texas Abortion Experiment” and it features New York Times resident moral scold Douthat in full chin-stroking and mansplaining mode about the abortion restrictions recently passed in Texas. The law’s actual impact may be less sweeping than critics […]

Yet another episode of “You Can’t Win, Poor People”

McDonalds has been catching fire lately. First there were the reports of franchises partnering with Visa to pay minimum wage employees with fee-heavy debit cards. Now comes this: McDonalds has partnered with Visa to launch a website to help its low-wage workers making an average $8.25 an hour to budget. But while the site is […]

Please stop acting stupid about Trayvon Martin, white people.

Chris Hayes on MSNBC opened his Monday evening broadcast with a montage of clips of the Trayvon Martin killing and prosecution of George Zimmerman, which ended in clips of the verdict and the defense team’s press conference afterward. I watched defense attorney Mark O’Mara say (something along the lines of) “we’ll never know what motivated […]

Why is another campaign paying Warren Stewart’s consultant?

Michael Johnson currently serves as a Phoenix City Councilman in District 8. He is termed out and as far as I know is not running for any other office at this time. He has $7,216.38 cash on hand, according to his latest campaign finance report. Johnson’s committee raised $0 and there was a single disbursement […]

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