Yes, it could happen here.

Huffington Post’s Laura Bassett quoted the lovely and talented Arizona NARAL Executive Director Kat Sabine on the slew of anti-choice legislation sweeping across states since the 2010 Republican takeover of a bunch of state legislatures. “This has turned into a nightmare,” said Kat Sabine, executive director of NARAL’s Arizona affiliate. “The kind of efforts the […]

Step forward, “private citizen”, and own what you said about Laura Pastor

The Phoenix City Council election is next Tuesday and District 4 is one of the races with a heated Democratic primary featuring candidates with strong bases of support. I’m not in D4 so I don’t get the mailers but I did get alerted a few times about a piece that just went out attacking candidate […]

Center for AZ Policy head is advising Doug Ducey.

Mike Sunnucks reported on AZ gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey assembling a team of policy advisers in the Phoenix Business Journal a few days ago. One of them is none other than Cathi Herrod. Having Kyl and Herrod in his corner helps Ducey in what could be a crowded GOP primary. Kyl retired from the U.S. […]

Let’s Talk About Sex!

(I meant to post this before we left for our long weekend in in the middle of the woods in Sedona on Friday but in the rush to get packed and on the road I forgot to do that.) Thursday night I was lucky to be in the audience of Planned Parenthood AZ’s screening of […]

Totally-not-racist Rep. Bob Thorpe wrote a book!

You may have heard how AZ Rep. Bob Thorpe innocently tweeted some things about Eric Holder and black men being criminals and also how that Obama rodeo clown was hi-larious. Good clean fun but some spoilsports gave him a hard time about it so Thorpe had to delete his tweets and suspend his Twitter account. […]

HB2305 is based on inconsistent accusations

Monday’s Arizona Capitol Times (yes, still behind a paywall, shut up) explains the “catalyst” of HB 2305, the voter suppression omnibus bill that opponents are gathering signatures to overturn in a referendum. The instigating event that led to the provision in HB 2305 that bars groups from collecting mail-in ballots and bringing them to the […]

Well, that didn’t take long.

Tip o’ the hat to top commenter Timmy’s Cat for doing the Google Fu on new GOP candidate for AZ Gov Christine Jones. We at the GrassRoots Tea Party are very excited to have Christine join us Wednesday night to speak. She is one heck of a dynamic speaker and lays it all on the […]

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