Oh wait, some of them already did say stuff about Medicaid births!

A couple weeks ago I posted about right wingers’ reaction to a report that insurance coverage for half of babies were born in the US came from Medicaid. Me: Who do you suppose will be the first conservative politician in Arizona to fret publicly about Medicaid births in our state? You know one of them […]

The double standard in effect

Amanda Marcotte made a great point in Raw Story a few months ago about what she calls “tone policing”. The thing about tone policing that is so galling to liberals particularly is it only goes one way. Even while the tone police cluck their tongues and accuse “both sides” of lowering the level of discourse, […]

Stances on “social issues” actually tell you a lot about a politician

Per Bob Lord at Blog For Arizona: The mailer likening Gallego to Paula Deen was consistent in style with a series of sleazy attacks from Stewart and his supporters. During the primary campaign, Stewart supporter Mary Rose Wilcox accused Gallego of using the seemingly routine act of taking her husband’s last name as a ploy […]

Duval email may be sign of a hopeful shift for Dems

Fred Duval sent the following email out Monday (I took out the fundraising stuff): Dear Donna, Last week, Arizona’s Speaker of the House, Andy Tobin, declared that President Obama “hates our nation.” I disagree with the President on plenty of issues—I think the federal government needs to help rebuild the Yarnell community after the wildfire, […]

Paging Cathi Herrod to the white courtesy phone!

Warning: This post contains graphic and disturbing medical information Per Raw Story: A 66-year-old politician in Colombia underwent a penis amputation after, according to doctors, he “enthusiastically overdosed on Viagra.” The man, who wishes to remain anonymous but claims to be a former member of the Gigante municipal council, went to the hospital after his […]

The case for Fred Duval

House Minority Leader Chad Campbell has announced he won’t be running for AZ Governor in 2014 so that, according to most folks in AZ political circles who know about such things, is that. Fred Duval looks to be the Democratic nominee in 2014. On a personal level, I like Fred. He’s one of those people […]

The Arizona Republic has had ENOUGH of your sass about “voter suppression”, missy.

Bit of unfortunate timing that the Republic’s Monday op-ed appeared in the morning’s paper as we learned of the horrific mass shooting at the Navy Yard in DC that same morning. The headline of the piece is “No, it wasn’t ‘voter suppression,’ so shut your mouth” Um, okay. A recall election of state lawmakers in […]

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