My “vacation” from Facebook

Facebook is a highly popular private site where over a billion members post everything from cat photos to political screeds. As such, it is their right to determine what gets to stay on their site and what doesn’t. So when they decide that a page calling for the murder of a woman doesn’t violate their […]

Sal DiCiccio admits what they’re really after

I got the following email from Councilman Sal DiCiccio after Thursday morning’s Phoenix City Council vote on so-called “pension spiking”. Emphasis mine. Mayor Stanton key swing vote to keep pension spiking Mayor Stanton was the again the swing vote in a 5-4 vote to keep pension spiking by the Phoenix City Council today, proving he […]

Justin Johnson campaign and its supporters are not a good advertisement for the new “post-partisan” politics

My pal Jo Hafford has a great diary up at DailyKos about next week’s Phoenix election wherein he details how (as municipal races in Arizona go) things have gotten nasty in the Council District 4 runoff between Laura Pastor and Justin Johnson. Justin Johnson has, like all candidates do, made a lot of noise about […]

Sal Diciccio channels Mitt Romney in his endorsement of Justin Johnson

The front page of Sunday’s Valley section of the AZ Republic featured a piece about how the Phoenix Council District 4 election results next Tuesday “could significantly affect the ideological makeup of a City Council that’s become more polarized in recent years.” Gee, I wonder what, or who to be more specific, caused that development? […]

Well heeled “yokels”

Last week Gubernatorial candidate Christine Jones got national attention for revealing her comedic and musical stylings, along with her ignorance, at a performance at a fundraiser for Sheriff Joe Arpaio. In addition to her song, a tune from the musical “Wicked” that at one point she forgot the lyrics to, Jones managed to make an […]

Sadly, it’s not just Republican operatives peddling the “voter fraud” myth

Jeremy Duda had a piece in the AZ Capitol Times Tuesday featuring the thoughts of various politicos on Democrat Fred Duval’s candidacy for AZ Governor. Once again, the article is behind a paywall but there’s nothing really surprising about the observers’ insights. Most concluded that having no primary challenger (as of yet) puts Fred in […]

Shutdown/debt ceiling reveals groups who are NEVER going to give up

I’m encouraged at reports that Democrats are not only not backing down to GOP demands in the current economic standoff, but are actually going on the offense a bit and demanding a discussion about reversing sequester cuts. “Senate leaders attempting to avoid a U.S. debt default remained at loggerheads Sunday and escalated the standoff by […]

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