The far-right echo chamber is now endangering all Americans

As a Democrat, for the last few weeks I’m been asking myself, “What are the Republicans thinking?” Every political pundit has their own take on it, but what they all seem to come down to is this – a faction of the Republican party is living in their own world, one that is completely divorced […]

Bill Montgomery, like most Godwin’s Law violators, has his history wrong.

So there was another Arizona Republican who violated Godwin’s Law right after Brenda Barton did it by comparing the President to Hitler. Maricopa Attorney Bill Montgomery starting at 0.53 in: “It reflects the same basic approach to eugenics that Margaret Sanger developed, back in the 20s, and that, here’s a Hitler reference for you, that […]

The other thing that was missing from Paul Ryan’s op-ed

As the shutdown continues and we head to the debt ceiling deadline next week, it appears some sort of Grand Bargain is in the works. Because when the Republicans throw a tantrum they have to get something for it or people have to suffer. Paul Ryan wrote an editorial that appeared in Wednesday morning’s Wall […]

Dispatch from Kookland

Brenda Barton, the uber-righty AZ Rep from Payson set the interwebz on fire with a Facebook post: Someone is paying the National Park Service thugs overtime for their efforts to carry out the order of De Fuhrer… where are our Constitutional Sheriffs who can revoke the Park Service Rangers authority to arrest??? Do we have […]

Q & A with Christine Jones, AZ Gubernatorial candidate and rocket surgeon

Christine Jones, the internet executive of whom you’ll recall from an earlier blog post of mine was somehow unaware the The Onion is a parody publication, was interviewed by Yvonne Wingett Sanchez of the AZ Republic. Her answers to Wingett Sanchez’ questions proved (once again) that being successful in business is not necessarily an indication […]

Compromise: Another thing only really expected from one side.

Think Progress’s Judd Legum tweeted something that (deservedly) went viral on Wednesday because it so aptly described the government shutdown situation. As with the “tone-policing” I posted about recently, expectations of compromise in politics go down the same one-way street the expectations of politeness do – with all the compromising having to come from the […]

Blue Dog Blues

The government shut down Monday night, on the eve of Obamacare exchanges opening to new applicants, and lots of folks in liberal/Dem activist circles in Phoenix are furious with Rep. Kyrsten Sinema for voting with the GOP on exempting medical device providers from new taxes and delaying the individual mandate for one year. But let’s […]

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