Q: When is it okay for Dem legislators to sign an anti-Roe v Wade pledge?

A: Never. Yet two Democrats in the AZ House did just that. Text of the proclamation: “Whereas, on January 22, 1973, the United States Supreme Court ruled in the cases of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton that states may not enforce laws prohibiting abortion; and Whereas, in the forty years since those decisions, […]

Cathi Herrod pretends to care about women

Kat Sabine, executive director of NARAL AZ, appeared with Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod to discuss new abortion rules in Arizona resulting from a law passed in 2012. The rules require that the most common abortion-inducing drug be administered only at the FDA-approved dosage no later than seven weeks into a pregnancy, and […]

Happy 41st Anniversary, Roe v Wade!

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Irin Carmon has a couple of nifty graphs on abortion stats up at MSNBC. The first is a visual representation of how the country has changed, state by state, on hostility to reproductive rights since 2000. The second is a profile of the women, about 1/3 of us […]

Democrats need to play hardball on religious intolerance

SB1062, which would allow individuals and businesses to discriminate as long as it’s for “religious” reasons passed its first Senate committee, Government and Environment, on a party line 4-2 vote last Thursday. Clearly, this is an attempt to get around recent anti-discrimination ordinances passed in Phoenix and other municipalities and the Obamacare contraception mandate in […]

Buffer zones are necessary and do not impede free speech

Robert Robb is right on the subject of buffer zones to shield patients from protesters around abortion clinics: Abortion clinic protests aren’t really political speech. The object isn’t principally to change public policy regarding abortion. The principal object is to deter specific women from having an abortion and to make it difficult for abortion clinics […]

Reefer madness in Maricopa County

AZ Rep Ruben Gallego (D-South Phoenix) and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery (R) appeared on Channel 3’s Politics Unplugged on Sunday evening to debate legalizing marijuana. Unfortunately, the show is not available online yet so I’ll have to do a play-by-play from watching it but do try to catch it if you can because it […]

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