Appalling treatment of sexual assault victims in Missoula, Montana reveals what a big old suckfest conservative “values” are

Right wingers are forever going on about how the sexual revolution has brought about the decline of civilization and has been simply terrible for women due to us no longer being able to use pregnancy to force reluctant men to shotgun marry us, among other things. But this Mother Jones report from Missoula, MT clearly […]

“Both parties suck! Wah! Why won’t you Democrats fix it?!”

Laurie Roberts at the AZ Republic is beside herself that the well-heeled proponents of the dumb Top Two Primary idea are, as she delightedly exclaims, baaaaaack. It’s baaaaaack: Top-two primary 2.0 About now is the time you start thinking it. Who elected these clowns, you ask, as you read about the serious business being conducted […]

Espresso Pundit’s concern is duly noted

Commenter “Robert” alerted me to an “in-depth analysis” of Friday’s court decision dismissing the anti-Medicaid expansion lawsuit by Arizona’s Own Espresso Pundit. EP warns liberals like myself not to be too sanguine about the judge’s ruling that the plaintiffs didn’t have standing. Be Carefull(sic) What you Wish For…. …The lefty blogs are gloating that a […]

Maricopa County judge tells anti-Medicaid expansion litigants to pound sand.

No standing. That’s the verdict of Maricopa County Superior Court to the whiny cast of idiots suing the state to block the Medicaid expansion. Judge Katherine Cooper handily dispatched with all their baseless arguments. In short, Plaintiffs are a minority group within the Legislature who lost a battle over H.B. 2010. They do not claim […]

The quest for the perfect message and why it can stifle progressives

There was a lot of hand-wringing among progressives/secular types before, during, and after “Science Guy” Bill Nye’s debate with Creation Museum founder Ken Ham on Tuesday night, which was held at the aforementioned “museum” in Kentucky. There is certainly a good argument for avoiding such debates entirely, as Richard Dawkins does. Eschewing them is probably […]

Benghazi is spelled IOKIYAR

To be a liberal in America is to be acutely aware of the gaping double standard that exists with regard to the expectations placed on you versus those put on conservatives. The disparity is so enormous that I doubt even the most dimwitted “both sides do it!” centrist pundits can deny it to themselves. Liberals […]

There’s something eerily familiar about Chris Christie

So it’s been revealed that NJ Gov. Chris Christie probably knew about the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge last year. Shocker! What this means is: 1. It is Christmas in February over at MSNBC 2. There is an important lesson in this for Dems who turn into big, wobbly piles of goo at […]

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