Theocracy is a sweet deal in Arizona

Center for Arizona Policy is hosting its annual shindig, featuring renowned Fox News gasbag Charles Krauthammer as keynote speaker, at the Sheraton in downtown Phoenix on May 3rd. I thought about buying a ticket and trying to get in to it but, at $300 a pop, that’s way more than I’m willing to give to […]

“Due process? What due process? We’re rescuing hookers!”

Certain areas of Phoenix have a problem with prostitution and sex workers are often trafficked into it so some (I assume) well-intentioned people came up with a diversion program which is not without its critics: Project ROSE (Reaching Out on Sexual Exploitation) is a collaboration between the Phoenix Police Department and Arizona State University School […]

AZ GOP is such an embarrassment they won’t let the press in to a forum

Just, wowThe event was sponsored by two East Valley GOP committees and held at Campo Verde High School in Gilbert. A reporter covering the event for the Arizona Republic was turned away at the door by GOP committee chairman Tyler Bowyer, the event’s primary organizer. GOP gubernatorial candidates in attendance included Secretary of State Ken […]

What WILL it take?

I tweeted a thought experiment earlier today about how far the GOP would have to go with anti-choice bills before the MSM and Business Leaders™ would take notice and push back on them. You can read the rest here. I’m honestly afraid that a stone-women-to-death bill would be met with the same collective reticence by […]

Horrid anti-choice bill passes, to little attention

Well, at least Howie Fischer covered it. Citing everything from protecting women’s health to God’s opposition to the procedure, state senators gave final approval Wednesday to legislation allowing unannounced warrantless inspection of abortion clinics. The 17-13 party-line voice vote came after extensive debate about not just whether the law is needed but whether it is […]

Doug MacEachern is having none of of your Equal Pay Day!

Someone told me recently that they knew AZ Republic columnist Doug MacEachern well and that he’s nothing like how he seems in all his columns, in which he channels your angry Birther uncle chain emailing conspiracy stories from World Net Daily and Newsmax all day long. I’m not sure why it matters if he’s sincere […]

Appalling AZ Republic false equivalence on national legislative orgs

I don’t know for sure, but Alia Beard Rau’s recent piece looks like it started to be about the influence that American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the Goldwater Institute, and Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) have on the Republican-controlled AZ Legislature, but then she was pressured by an editor to make it a “both sides” […]

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