“Pro-life” site calls upon readers to harass and intimidate a Yuma bar and grill

I often joke that I read LifeSiteNews.com so you don’t have to but I think a lot more people should read the site so they could see how anti-choicers talk among themselves. It only takes a few articles of their daily digest to make it abundantly clear that anti-choicers can scarcely conceal their bitter disappointment […]

On the obsessive focus on poor people’s morality

Per Gawker: Ta-Nehisi Coates of the Atlantic and Jonathan Chait of New York have, over the past week, been engaged in something equal parts duel and duet in the pixels of their respective magazine’s websites. Their debate has plumbed the depths of race and racism in America, working out the questions of civic and historical […]

Republican lawmakers really don’t like hearing the truth

When you think of lobbyists in Arizona you’re bound to think of people in expensive shoes and haircuts peddling bills handwritten for the corporations that pay them. It’s true of a lot of them but there are also some valiant souls who go to the Capitol regularly to plead on behalf of the people in […]

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