AZ business community takes credit for heroically vanquishing GOP primary challenges that were probably not going to happen anyway

The filing deadline for partisan Arizona candidates has arrived and it appears that most of the GOP lawmakers who joined with the Democrats to approve the Medicaid expansion will not, after all, face serious primary threats as punishment for their votes. Which doesn’t surprise me at all since I’ve been paying attention to GOP primary […]

Link for my Sunday Square Off appearance

ICYMI, and you probably did because it was Memorial Day weekend and it aired on Sunday morning at 8 a.m., you can watch me on the panel with Chip Scutari and Shane Wikfors here. Again, sorry I can’t embed but the videos tend to open immediately when you click on the site if I do. […]

An examination of the Not Tom Horne candidate for AZ Attorney General

AZ Attorney General Tom Horne’s prospects continue to plummet, with today’s news that Rep. Matt Salmon has asked him to withdraw his bid for reelection. Horne would certainly save himself some money and embarrassment if he did but, at this point, it really doesn’t matter what Tom Horne does because he is not going to […]

Why Tom Horne might have thought he could get away with it

Arizona’s top prosecutor, Attorney General Tom Horne, is in hot water yet again. This time it’s because of revelations by a former staffer in his state office that she was required to spend the majority of her time doing campaign work (which is illegal) and that Horne’s offices has been flagrantly using state employees and […]

Where to help Manny Cruz’ family with the funeral expenses.

As many of y’all know, we lost a beloved member of the Dem/progressive AZ family on Monday morning, when Manny Cruz passed away after battling cancer. Manny came into our lives in 2010 when he ran for State Mine Inspector on a platform of securing the multiple abandoned mines dotting Arizona so that no more […]

Is Adam Driggs having trouble getting on the ballot?

A supporter of the incumbent AZ Senator in LD28 tweeted this: It could be that Driggs has plenty of signatures and simply wants to turn in the maximum number but this seems a tad hair-on-fire, especially since his Dem challenger Kelli Butler has already filed. Also, what’s up with the use of his law office […]

A demonstration via Venn Diagram for a couple of AZ Dem delegation members

Borrowing a page from Atrios, I’m going to just put this out there for Reps. Ron Barber of AZ CD2 and Kyrsten Sinema of CD9. Note the complete lack of overlap between those two groups of people. I’m honestly mystified by their votes. There’s nothing here to even impress dimwitted centrist pundits. My first guess […]

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