Cathi Herrod proves me right on Hobby Lobby decision

You’ll recall that after SB1062, the bill that would give business owners and individuals the “religious freedom” to discriminate, went down in flames due to intense public and business lobbyist pressure against it, I observed that it was very much an anti-choice bill in addition to an anti-LGBT one. We really did dodge a bullet […]

But what if I want to show people how much I “care” about them as they’re trying to get into the voting booth?

The Supreme Court handed down a unanimous decision today in McCullen v Coakley, finding that Massachusetts’ 35 foot buffer zone around abortion clinics violated the free speech rights of protesters to harangue and intimidate uh “counsel” women entering them. It looks like the court bought the plaintiffs’ carefully constructed image of kindly “plump grandmothers” being […]

If only he’d been chummier…

Per Tedski: By the way, after talking to a few legislators, it seems that Huppenthal wasn’t exactly chummy with his fellow solons back when he was in the lege. This is probably the bigger reason for the lack of the usual wagon circling by the Phoenix civic establishment than the racism and general unhinged nature […]

“Moderate” Scott Smith blames the President for coyotes and drug cartels

Hi there, fellow liberals who persist in believing that AZ Governor candidate Scott Smith is a nice guy and won’t be too bad as Governor and isn’t like all those other lunatics in that primary. Take a gander at Smith’s latest press release (emphasis mine): For Immediate Release June 25, 2014 Contact: Drew Sexton (602) […]

Man, Tom Horne has a friend in Doug MacEachern

Cranky old AZ Republic columnist Doug MacEachern started off his Monday column with some tantalizing clickbait for the crowd that hates Clean Elections and blames it for everything wrong in the state. Seen our state Legislature lately? Somewhere, a Democratic political strategist is wincing. But he was hardly alone. Promoters of publicly financed campaigns both […]

Those two times that Huppenthal defended Sylvia Allen for saying the Earth is 6000 years old on this blog

A reporter has asked me for all the comments John Huppenthal made as Falcon9 and as I was compiling them I noticed that there were two different times that he (hilariously) defended former Senator Sylvia Allen for saying that the Earth is 6000 years old at a committee hearing on uranium mining at the Grand […]

Huppenthal did drop by Democratic Diva a time or two

Sorry for the lack of posts for several days. The site has had some issues which we hope have been resolved. In the meantime, I have been posting over at Blog for AZ and I strongly recommend that y’all pop over there if you’re not up to date on the Huppenthal trolling fiasco. AZ Superintendent […]

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