Court arguments reveal how misogyny is at the heart of opposition to marriage equality

Arizona and Texas are the latest states to be defending their same sex marriage bans in federal court. Things haven’t gone well for foes of equality lately, as foes of equality lose in state after state, most recently in Virginia. Attorneys in Arizona and Texas obviously see what’s coming and are resorting to desperately hiding […]

What about the ladies with this boycott thing?

I can’t argue with Markos Moulitsas for keeping his pledge to boycott Arizona until SB1070 is fully overturned and I doubt he’s going to be persuaded out of it, judging from the scathing statement he issued about Phoenix hosting Netroots Nation in 2015. I made very clear in the wake of Arizona’s passage of SB […]

Cathi Herrod’s law firm spreads lies about birth control in federal suit

Anti-choicers don’t have the truth or popular opinion on their side where birth control is concerned but that has not stopped the movement in its unrelenting quest to strip women of access to it. So they have devised a three part strategy to fool the public: 1. They have claimed repeatedly that effective forms of […]

Bob Robb scolds “both sides” for “behaving badly” without mentioning the actual bad behavior of certain people

Quoth Bob Robb: In the debate over what to do about juvenile illegal immigrants from Central America, both sides are behaving badly. I agree with some of the policy points in Bob Robb’s column on the Honduran refugee children situation but he’s talking about policy and not behavior. Now, I’m the last person to lecture […]

Sorry Republicans, the Honduran refugees aren’t this year’s “headless bodies”

On Tuesday morning, some goobers in Arizona thought they were going to repeat what goobers in Murrieta, CA did last week, when they got a bus full of refugees from Honduras to turn around, and border agents to stop sending anymore migrant children through their community, by being screaming assholes. Sadly for the Arizona effort, […]

What would make AZ Republicans eager raise their own taxes?

Terrorizing brown people, of course! HighGround, the firm owned by Chuck Coughlin (Arizona’s true Governor) which represents GOP candidate Scott Smith, released a poll of the upcoming primary. The results for Governor track with other recent polls showing Doug Ducey and Christine Jones vying for the lead but still a lot of undecideds. The focus […]

What’s the matter with Arizona fathers?

I posed a question on social media today about whether Arizonans really care as much about education as they say they do, given how the state keeps electing people who are basically out to dismantle the public education system. My guess was that a lot of people tell pollsters they support the schools and think […]

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