The science is in: “Moderate” voters are a myth

Vox‘s Ezra Klein covered some interesting new research involving ideological stances of average voters. What happens, explains David Broockman, a political scientist at the University of California at Berkeley, is that surveys mistake people with diverse political opinions for people with moderate political opinions. The way it works is that a pollster will ask people […]

Sweet Lord why did I read MacEachern’s column on Hobby Lobby?

I was warned not to read Doug MacEachern’s piece on Hobby Lobby. I should have listened. A lot about the majority decision in the Hobby Lobby case has made liberals go all crazy in the head (see: here, here, here and, emphatically, here) . But there is one part of the decision that makes them […]

Possibly the most terrible idea to be espoused in the Hobby Lobby furor

There are, of course, a plethora of terrible arguments, bad faith assertions, and vile statements by anti-choicers in the past week to choose from but I have to give the top honor to one Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry for this: In the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision, there was a lot of chatter about how the […]

Shockingly, anti-choicers are revealed to be liars. Yet again.

I’m not such a purist about honesty that I refuse to tell even a little white lie to spare someone’s feeling or to extract myself out of an awkward social or professional situation. But I think I’m like most people in that when someone brazenly and compulsively lies to me about matters big and small […]

Must see: Couples talk about what marriage means to them

Connolly v Roche is one of the lawsuits before the US District Court in Phoenix seeking to overturn Arizona’s ban on gay marriage. The plaintiffs are asking for a summary judgement and sent these videos of the plaintiff’s to the judge to convey how the ban makes life difficult and scary for committed couples who […]

The “abortifacient” thing is really an attempt to fool themselves more than anyone else

Libby Anne of Patheos has an excellent run-down of Monday’s Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court. Read the whole thing but I wanted to focus on this part here, which was very well put: Next question, the majority says that the birth control mandate does place a “substantial burden” on Hobby Lobby’s religious beliefs. […]

Nope, not misogynistic at all

So this random guy showed up in my comments and carefully explained to me how his support for Hobby Lobby was based on his deep commitment to the cause of religious freedom and his pro-life principles. Ha ha, no, he said this. On the bright side, abstinence is still free. Judging by the pounds you’ve […]

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