I think I figured it out

So there I was, with my insomnia, watching Craig Ferguson Wednesday night, when what did I see but this ri-donk-ulous ad from the Republican Governor’s Association. It claimed that Fred DuVal personally and single-handedly raised college tuition rates in Arizona an astronomical amount while serving on the Board of Regents. My first thought was that […]

Hey, AZ “business leaders”, we need to talk about Doug Ducey.

One of the (many) problems in a red state as economically polarized as Arizona is that the wealthier people are, the more insulated they are from the terrible right wing laws and policies that get passed. They have no fear of being stopped on the street by law enforcement because of how they look. Their […]

Credit where it’s due

I have written a few times, and not favorably, about former Mesa Mayor and GOP candidate for AZ Governor Scott Smith. I stand by everything I’ve said. Liberals need to stop swooning over him because he’s a right wing guy, even if he doesn’t appear (at this point, anyway) to be as far off the […]

Sorry, no, “independent” candidates aren’t going to save us

There’s a general consensus out there that partisans suck and are everything that is wrong with politics, so it would stand to reason that having candidates who don’t belong to parties would bring a refreshing perspective and a practical focus on issues to elections. Yet “independent” politicians, with notable exceptions like Michael Bloomberg and Bernie […]

Miranda campaign lying to LD27 voters about her anti-choice stance and record.

After weeks of hearing voters at their doors telling canvassers for Aaron Marquez, who is challenging Catherine Miranda for the Arizona LD27 Democratic Senate nomination, that supporters of Miranda had told them she was pro-choice, the Marquez camp now has recorded evidence of the deception. I’m not sure if this phone-banker is paid or a […]

Hero Dem candidate in AZ05 responds to anti-choicers in the most delightful way

Arizona Congressional District 5 is currently represented by Matt Salmon (who, when he ran for Governor in 2002, was considered to be firmly in the GOP establishment but is now a member of the Tea Party Caucus in Congress) and is viewed as an unwinnable district for Democrats. Nonetheless, James Woods has mounted a serious […]

Sorry, Martha McSally, “feminist Republican” IS an oxymoron

Roll Call‘s Shira T. Center is covering Arizona’s tight CD2 race and sees a formidable candidate in Martha McSally: Operatives couldn’t make up a better candidate résumé if they tried: retired Air Force Colonel, first in her class at the U.S. Air War College, the first female fighter pilot in combat who flies the very […]

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