New report debunks the “Clean Elections done it” bunk

Andrew Prokop of Vox interviewed Michael G. Miller of Barnard college about his research on public campaign financing in the states that have enacted it. Conventional wisdom in Arizona’s elite circles holds that Arizona’s Clean Election system is largely to blame for the election of radical right wing legislators and laws such as SB1070. Miller […]

No, wobbly Democrats, Scott Smith is (still) not your GOP boyfriend

Former Mesa Mayor and AZ GOP Gubernatorial candidate Scott Smith got an undeniable boost on Thursday. He was not only endorsed by Governor Brewer (which everyone expected would happen, though it’s curious that they waited until after mail-in ballots dropped to do it) but AZ Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill swiftly cancelled a meeting with Smith […]

Know your anti-choice Democratic candidates in Arizona. Part 4.

This installment will conclude my series on the anti-choice Dems running in legislative primaries. This last one, Sen. Catherine Miranda (LD27), might prove the most difficult to remove due to her incumbency and the strength of her family name. Luckily, her challenger the hugely impressive and indefatigable campaigner Aaron Marquez. (I’m pretty sure Aaron has […]

Know your anti-choice Democratic candidates in Arizona. Part 3.

My pal Dr. Angela Cotera, who has contributed to this blog, is running in the Democratic primary for the Senate seat in LD19 being vacated by Anna Tovar this year. Her opponent is Rep. Lupe Contreras. Contreras signed a pledge in support of overturning Roe v Wade and of the idea that personhood begins at […]

Know your anti-choice Democratic candidates in Arizona. Part 2.

Rep. Lydia Hernandez and Rep. Martin Quezada are challenging each other for the Senate seat vacated by Steve Gallardo in LD29. Rep. Quezada has gotten the AZ Planned Parenthood endorsement for reasons that will be readily apparent when you see what Hernandez posted on her Facebook page recently: I explained in my last post that […]

Know your anti-choice Democratic candidates in Arizona. Part 1.

Jose Leonardo Suarez (LD4-D) is running for Arizona State House this year. When asked how he differed from the Democratic platform at the Clean Elections primary debate, he said that he opposes marriage equality and abortion in most cases. Suarez believes life starts at conception and that rape victims should have that baby. He would […]

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