Yet another televised debate ignores reproductive rights.

This is getting old. Monday night’s Clean Election debate was aired on Phoenix PBS Channel 8 and, of course, there was not one question on the candidates’ stances on reproductive rights. It’s as if the entire MSM here has developed amnesia about the legislature here and their constant attempts to restrict and deny access to […]

APS stooges running for AZ Corp Comm are shady, even for Republicans.

Candidates Forese and Little in front of a sign that was not paid for until a month later. With all the important midterm races going on in Arizona this year, you may not have been following the shocking and brazen behavior of the Republican candidates for AZ Corporation Commission. Doug Forese and Tom Little are […]

Yes, women are going to jail for abortion. Right now. Wake up, Arizona Democrats.

Katie Halperin of the New York Times interviewed the mother in Pennsylvania who is beginning a harsh prison sentence for obtaining abortion pills for her teenage daughter. Whalen told me that in the winter of 2012, her daughter came to her and said she was pregnant. Whalen told her she would “support her in any […]

The AZ Republic believes that Gabby Giffords is rude for, and also isn’t capable of, talking about gun violence.

We don’t get the physical AZ Republic anymore so I missed yesterday’s editorial wherein the ed board wheezed itself into a paroxysm of umbrage over an ad that Gabby Giffords’ and Mark Kelly’s Responsible Solutions PAC are running in opposition to Tucson Congressional candidate Martha McSally (R). The ad depicts a mother who lost her […]

AZ Republic won’t endorse in any Legislative race in the general election

I got forwarded an email by a Dem consultant earlier. It was an exchange between a Dem campaign manager and an editor at the AZ Republic. I’m not calling this particular editor out because this is endemic problem at the paper and it is clearly coming from the top. Here’s the editor’s brusque reply to […]

Why has Shawnna Bolick removed her previous employment with Rick Santorum from her campaign website?

Y u no wanna namecheck me anymore Shawnna? AZ Representative Dr. Eric Meyer (D-28) sent out a statement calling on his Republican opponent Shawnna Bolick to denounce Russell Pearce for his recent comments extolling forced sterilization of poor women. Pearce had proudly endorsed Bolick, even going so far as to recommend single-shotting her. Bolick responded […]

How do you like your Hobby Lobby now, Doug Ducey and other GOP candidates?

Per Ian Millhiser: Citing Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, the Supreme Court’s decision last June holding that the religious objections of a business’ owners could trump federal rules requiring that business to include birth control coverage in its health plan, a federal judge in Utah held last week that a member of a polygamist religious sect […]

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