They’re shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

Let’s say you are Sean Noble, a Koch-ed up dark money operative who has been the focus of some negative attention for your activities. You’d probably prefer to be known for something else in the midst of a heated general election cycle in Arizona, where you are the manager of the GOP candidate for Attorney […]

Oh look, another nonexistent attack on reproductive rights by a Republican!

I crosspost what I post at Democratic Diva over at Blog for Arizona, and a lot (not all by any means but a lot) of what I blog about is reproductive rights. I do so because I pay close attention to the issue as it’s something I care deeply about and consider hugely important but […]

Of course they ignored repro rights at the Channel 12 debate.

In Wednesday night’s gubernatorial debate hosted by KPNX Channel 12 candidates Fred DuVal (D) and Doug Ducey (R) were asked about topics ranging from the economy to taxation to Common Core school standards to the border and immigration policy. My assessment of it was that Ducey would have gotten away with his recitation of talking […]

The NOT Tom Horne candidate appears to be worse than Tom Horne

This is a photo I took off NOT Tom Horne’s campaign website a few months ago. Not sure why they chopped off the top off his head. Mark Brnovich, AKA the NOT Tom Horne Republican candidate for AZ Attorney General is a Goldwater Institute and Tea Party guy who filed to run against Tom Horne […]

Oh boy, Bob Robb is explaining race relations again.

This is not an actual picture of AZ Republic columnist Bob Robb but I found it when I was searching his name and it’s hilarious. I meant to weight in on AZ Republic’s Bob Robb’s vomit-inducing column from last Wednesday but I see that Cynthia Zwick has responded beautifully to Robb’s outrageously offensive claim that […]

The Sinema vet ad is wonderful so step off, haters

It’s well known that prominent politicians, due to having to raise funds constantly (which means having to avoid pissing off donors) and being under a 24/7 microscope, aren’t able to be open and candid much of the time. On the other hand, politicians are far from the only people whose jobs and social lives require […]

Tea Party candidate for AZ House Jill Norgaard’s position on abortion is more radical than Cathi Herrod’s

Arizona LD18, which encompasses Ahwatukee and parts of Chandler and Tempe, is where I used to live for over a decade and is believed to be a somewhat competitive district. Democrat Rae Waters got elected to the House there in 2008 and Democrats continue to express optimism that they’ll be able to turn the district […]

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