Tom Horne plays doctor

Some good news for reproductive rights in Arizona, and elsewhere, from the Supreme Court: The U.S. Supreme Court this morning rejected a bid by attorneys for the state to overturn a federal appellate court ruling which had concluded the limits illegally infringe on the constitutional right of women to terminate a pregnancy. The justices gave […]

The Arizona GOP had one job in 2014, and Robert Graham muffed it

The AZ GOP sent out a strange message that looks like a cross between their Chairman Robert Graham spiking the football post election and some sage advice for the AZ Democrats. Ten Reasons Arizona Democrats are Disenchanted Arizona Democrats suffered crippling losses in the 2014 election, failing on an even grander scale than in their […]

The need for rape victims to be “perfect” hurts all survivors

By now you’ve probably read or heard about the roundly excoriated Rolling Stone article examining the problem of rape on college campuses. They focused on the University of Virginia and on one victim in particular, Jackie, who told a shocking story of being gang-raped after accompanying a man on a date to a frat party. […]

The “establishment” should have been more careful about what they wished, and worked, for

All In With Chris Hayes on the bind that traditional GOP big donors are in due to new campaign finance rules: As Hayes and a later panel with guests explained, the post-Citizens United reality means that “bundlers”, the wealthy, connected lawyers, lobbyists, and business types who have wielded electoral power for decades by shaking down […]

Some people cling to the belief that Eric Garner was killed by everything but the cops who killed him

Rep. Steve King (R-NY) told CNN that Eric Garner’s death was caused by his obesity and not by the choke hold administered by five Staten Island cops. “You had a 350-pound person who was resisting arrest. The police were trying to bring him down as quickly as possible,” King said in an appearance on CNN’s […]

Republican senator signals the return of SB1062 under, you guessed it, the banner of Hobby Lobby

On Monday the AZ Republic featured a pair of op-eds from a Republican State Senator and the outgoing Democratic House Minority Leader about the prospect of a reformulated SB1062 in the upcoming Arizona legislative session. Here’s Senator Nancy Barto (R) explaining why opponents of discrimination are misguided meaniebutts: To start — the vast majority of […]

Conservatives want lots of room for error and fun in their young lives, none for the rest of us.

Photo: By now you’ve probably heard about the spokeswoman for a GOP Congressman ranting on Facebook that Sasha and Malia Obama needed to show more class and stop dressing like they’re going to a bar. Also, too, they are not surrounded by “good role models”. The rant went viral and Elizabeth Louten was blistered […]

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