Patricia Arquette was not malicious in her backstage comments, but she was mistaken

I cheered right along with Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez when Patricia Arquette made an impassioned demand for women’s rights and, specifically, pay equity in her acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress last Sunday. And then she was interviewed backstage and said some other things: “So the truth is, even though we sort of feel […]

Riddle me this, gun fetishists, why do you need silencers?

Photo: Alas, because the annual AZ Legislature session coincides with the busiest time of year for my place of business I cannot keep up with all the bills as the wonderful Craig McDermott does. But I still try to keep up and things going through the lege tend to catch my eye. One was […]

“School Choice” is a giant honking scam

As Arizona continues to show up at the bottom of rankings in education funding, defenders of the current policies continue to insist that we’re doing super duper well in School Choice!TM School Choice!TM is predicated on the supposition that all parents – all of them! – have an endless abundance of time and resources to […]

Anti-choice AZ GOP legislators continue to promote idea that women don’t really ever pay for anything, refuse to protect doctors’ personal info

Taxpayers won't be funding abortions in AZ's exchange plans this year under SB 1318. Joining 23 other states. Passed Senate-now on to House! — Nancy Barto (@NancyBarto) February 20, 2015 Sen. Barto was gloating about SB1318 passing the Senate on Thursday afternoon. Here’s Sen. Kelli Ward (R) echoing the “pay for it yourselves, floozies” canard: […]

More poor bashing than usual in AZ legislative session

It definitely seems as if this is the Year of Going After the Poor with a Vengeance for Republicans in the Arizona Legislature. Which is saying something, since these are people who have shown an abundance of enthusiasm for punishing low income residents for their (real or imagined) transgressions for several years now. Bills going […]

AZ Lege poor bashes with Clean Elections bill

It looks like the GOP majority in the AZ Legislature has figured out what the real “dark money” problem in our state is. Apparently, it’s with the $5 qualifying contributions to Clean Elections candidates made in cash. Lord only knows where that money has been! 16-946. Qualifying contributions A. During the qualifying period, a participating […]

In which I explain how Espresso Pundit does not know what the Ad Hominem fallacy is

Arizona Board of Regents member Greg Patterson, aka the Espresso Pundit, has come at me with what pedantic mansplainers everywhere consider to be the most potent weapon they have in their arsenal. In other words, Patterson is accusing me of committing a logical fallacy. Sexist pedants love to trot out the List of Logical Fallacies […]

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