Mollycoddling right wingers is insulting to them and does no favor to the rest of us.

Conservative AZ Republic columnist Doug MacEachern has a habit of being willing to die on the weirdest hills, such as the time he defended a spurious anonymous complaint harassing the executive director of a pro-choice organization last November. More recently, he chided Democratic Sen. Steve Farley (D-Tucson) for tweeting and others for reporting a direct […]

Farm Animals 1 Women 0 in Arizona. Woman sentenced to decades in jail for stillbirth in Indiana

Bad day for women’s rights on Monday. People in the Arizona animal rights community are happy, and rightly so, with Governor Doug Ducey’s veto of a bill straight out of Big Ag that would loosen animal cruelty restrictions. Yay for farm animals! Boo for women, though, since Ducey also signed SB1318, that idiotic pile of […]

Man, when I’m right, I am right!

Governor Mike Pence of Indiana The Indiana Assembly passed, and Governor Mike Pence signed, a “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” similar to Arizona’s SB1062 from last year, which was vetoed by then-Governor Jan Brewer under the threat of more boycotts of a state still reeling from boycotts sparked by anti-immigrant SB1070 in 2010. I mostly agree […]

AZ House approves the “Lady Money Is Not Real Money” bill.

Photo: Arizona bill SB1318, which requires doctors to pass on medically dubious information about “abortion reversal”, also bans coverage of abortion in private insurance plans, even if a policy holder has purchased an entirely separate rider with her own money which does not sully the pristine money of “taxpayers” – a group that (again) […]

In case you didn’t already know, you peons and your petty “getting on the airplane” troubles are an afterthought to Governor Ducey

Photo: Arizona drivers licenses aren’t compliant with new federal Real ID requirements to board airplanes and a change to a state law (passed a few years ago to assuage the fears of the black helicopter crowd) is necessary to correct that. Our conservative-led legislature, naturally, is a averse to this so the AZ Republic […]

Why would uber-social conservative Sylvia Allen push a bill to protect her (alleged) sex abuser son-in-law?

AZ Republic‘s Laurie Roberts notes the irony of Senator Sylvia Allen (R-Birtherstan) sponsoring a pro-union bill. Turns out Sen. Sylvia Allen is a champion of unions. Who knew? The “constitutional conservative” best known for her efforts to create state militias and close public meetings is hoping this year to boost protections for detention officers who […]

I probably shouldn’t even be giving them the idea

Photo: Sen. Debbie Lesko (R) has a striker bill that would expand private vouchers and as I perused the list of students who already qualify for them I was struck by the absence of one category of student. Arizona Revised Statutes § 15-2401 defines an ESA qualified student as an Arizona resident who is […]

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