Ducey didn’t run on his budget? Oh geez, Bob Robb.

Not AZ Republic columnist Bob Robb, but a funny photo of a Bob Robb Arizona Republic columnist Robert Robb is very peeved by the budget that our new snowbird Governor has signed: Ducey did not run on the specifics of this or any other budget. During the campaign, he avoided specifics as though they were […]

Victoria Steele’s courageous testimony showed why “rape exceptions” are a sham

Edited to correct the name of the committee chair to Kelly Townsend from Kelli Ward. Alas, due to our stupidly slow “high speed internet” connection at the house, I’ve been unable to view the two and a half hour Arizona House Federalism and States’ Rights (seriously?) Committee hearing from Wednesday. But there was one part […]

AZ anti-choice legislators actually think you can reverse an abortion

SB1318 was already bad enough. The anti-choice bill would bar any insurance exchange operating in the state (including the ACA) from covering abortion even if the woman purchased a separate rider, on the theory that money out of a woman’s own damn pocket that she earned herself is somehow “taxpayer dollars”. It also mandates that […]

The ASU Foundation’s dark money contribution to Corp Comm race illustrates everything that is wrong with private “philanthropy” and dark money

Per AZ Republic reporter Ryan Randazzo: The non-profit that raises money for Arizona State University accepted money from Arizona Public Service Co. in 2013 and the same year donated to a political group that helped defeat pro-solar candidates in last year’s elections. The ASU Foundation accepted $181,000 from the non-profit APS Foundation and made a […]

Impressive response by Arizona Business Leaders™ to the terrible budget

Photo: AZ Chamber of Commerce and Industry announcement By “impressive”, of course, I mean “pathetic”. The GOP led AZ Legislature dropped a turd of a budget in the middle of Friday night/Saturday morning that guts (among other things) university and community college funding and – because this is the cruelest session toward poor people that […]

Who must “live within means” in Arizona depends greatly upon their importance to Governor Ducey

The budget deal struck by Governor Doug Ducey and GOP legislators (with no input from Democrats, apparently) cuts millions from colleges and health care providers, while giving what could passes for an “increase” to K-12 education if you squint hard (and pretend the state will never have to restore the $317 million in funding as […]

Center for Arizona Policy is poll dancing!

news.stlpublicradio.org The militant God-botherers at the Center for Arizona Policy are positively giddy over a poll they conducted that they claim shows the country is on their side on same sex marriage. Impressive! But, oh wait, here’s what another poll says when people are asked specifically about same sex marriage: And let’s poll dance on […]

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