Respectability and Baltimore

Much has been said about the protests in Baltimore following the death in police custody of 25 year old Freddie Gray and, of course, much of it is centered on how black people should better themselves so as to avoid deadly confrontations with the police and discrimination in general. You know the drill: Pull your […]

APS cannot sanitize its shameful dark money legacy with strategic philanthropy and Anderson Cooper

Dark money has the power to make a lot happen! Last Saturday the ASU Center for the Study of Race and Democracy hosted an event, “Delivering Democracy Lecture 2015”, headlined by Anderson Cooper. I know many people who attended it and, from what I understand, it was a fine presentation. One of the main sponsors […]

Former AZ Legislator says US House might impeach Judge Snow

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County is having a less than stellar week, as he stands trial for contempt of court. On Thursday afternoon he was asked by US District Judge Murray Snow if what had been reported by Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times in June 2014 and January 2015, that Arpaio’s office […]

Gay is the new abortion?

This remarkable item has gone viral: Forcing States to Recognize #GayMarriage Could Increase Number of #Abortions — Heritage Foundation (@Heritage) April 20, 2015 Columnist Dan Savage calls it a “new variation on the “straight people are terrible” argument against marriage equality.” Religious conservatives have already argued that straight people will stop getting married […]

Top Two Primary is back, with twice the magical thinking.

Photo: Arizona Capitol Times As promised, the brain trust of Arizona centrist business establishment types (country club Republicans and corporate Dems) that failed to pass Prop 121 in 2012 plan to return with a slightly altered version of it in 2016. Former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson, who led the campaign for Proposition 121 and is […]

I’m taking this one personally, Governor Ducey

Per AZ Capitol Times (yes, behind a paywall but I pay for my subscription so I get to talk about it): Gov. Doug Ducey may have just cost more than 200,000 Arizonans a shot at keeping the health insurance they received through the Affordable Care Act, though they won’t know for sure until the U.S. […]

News people, you don’t have to play dumb to be objective

AZ Rep. Ken Clark (D) and Sen. Debbie Lesko (R) were on Channel 3’s Politics Unplugged to discuss the recently ended legislative session (one of the quickest in history). (Link to video since, of course, it autoplays when embedded.) I’m not singling out host Dennis Welch because he’s far from the only news person in […]

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