AZ anti-pot nannies are skirting the law to scare voters, but it may not work

Pew Research, March 2015 Per Howie Fischer of Capitol Media Services: In a new formal opinion, [AZ Attorney General] Brnovich acknowledged there are laws prohibiting the use of public funds to influence the outcome of elections — a restriction he noted that applies even before a proposal has qualified for the ballot. But Brnovich said […]

AZ Ed Supe Diane Douglas, of all people, demonstrates how Republicans can be sensible about sex

A bawdy little tempest is brewing over a website run by an aide to AZ Superintendent Diane Douglas. Michael Bradley, who is in charge of day-to-day operations at the Arizona Department of Education, runs a website featuring items of general interest, including pictures of dogs and quirky news items, as well as thousands of photos […]

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