But do go on about Iran, neo-cons

I was working on a post about another topic when I saw a link to this long-read article from Vox, which is terrifying. I’m still in the process of reading it and may be a while at it since I have to stop very often to wince, cover my eyes, and pace nervously around the […]

Center for Arizona Policy ignores the biggest threat to “moms and dads” in denouncing same sex marriage ruling.

The Supreme Court voted to legalize marriage equality in the entire United States and the God-botherers at the Center for Arizona Policy reacted with the all the subtlety you would expect. Historically Tragic: Supreme Court says moms and dads are unnecessary Friday, June 26, 2015 Statement from Center for Arizona Policy Vice President of Policy […]

Oh brother

A little while back Rachel Maddow did a wonderful segment that had me nodding my head in furious agreement and applauding (I seriously clapped my hands at the TV, you guys). She expressed her bewilderment at certain political concepts that aren’t really meaningful when closely examined or helpful when put into practice, but are wildly […]

The deeply weird religious dogma behind that “reverse your abortion” law

Bob Robb did a column a few weeks ago where he criticized anti-choice SB1318 because it infringed on the liberty of doctors: I’m generally pro-life and support most legislative restrictions on abortion. I don’t think exploring the limits of Roe v. Wade through litigation is a waste of time or resources. Many of the Arizona […]

Pretty much everything you need to know about modern Republican governance of states in one sentence

In the aftermath of Wednesday evening in Charleston, SC, when a white supremacist terrorist murdered nine African-American people in cold blood after they welcomed him into their church, a lot of people are demanding that South Carolina take down the Confederate flag that festoons the State Capitol and questioning why the flag remains a popular […]

Gov. Ducey scraps monthly unemployment report. Maybe proving my (earlier) point?

I’m always willing to portray Doug Ducey next to Cathi Herrod. My last post was about the wealthiest Americans and polling showing that they are (highly) disinclined to see the government as a force to increase the employment rate. And then there was this Howie Fischer piece on Tuesday: Following some less-than-spectacular jobless reports, the […]

One percenters seem to hate it when everyone has a job

When we think of conservatives and economics we tend to focus on things like their opposition to taxes (on the wealthy, not necessarily everyone else) and social safety net programs. We tend, however, to take right wingers at their word when they say that they want people to work. I mean, come on, that’s the […]

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