Anti-choicers jailing women because they care?

Anti-choicers are such prodigious and unabashed liars that when they don’t even bother pretending and just show their true natures it can startle even the jaded likes of me! Two developments this past week did just that. First was the conservative Fifth Circuit Court’s decision to uphold Texas’ draconian HB2, an anti-choice omnibus law passed […]

Well, whaddya know, states with the most abortion restrictions saw the least reduction in abortion!

Associated Press released a survey they did of states that report abortion statistics where they found that while most states saw reductions in their abortion rates, states that passed no restrictions on abortion since 2011 had larger decreases in the number of procedures reported than red states touted by anti-abortion advocates as “pro-life” champions. Despite […]

No, MSNBC is not the left mirror image of Fox

I often encounter people who are so wedded to the “both sides do it” narrative that no matter how bad the Right gets, they will strain to find something, anything, that has the remotest appearance to being equal to it on the Left. One particularly tedious example of this is the belief that MSNBC is […]

Nancy Barto wants everyone to learn more about abortion reversals!

I got this forwarded to me and I wanted to present Sen. Nancy Barto’s forward in all its unironic Comic Sans glory. Here’s the event description: From: Christine Accurso [] Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2015 11:45 PM To: Christine Accurso Subject: Abortion Pill Reversal Presentation in Phoenix with Dr. George Delgado on 6/8 Dear Pro-Life […]

Persuasion vs Shaming

Screenshot: PostTV Last Friday evening a bunch of racist idiots thought it would be a great idea to hold a protest outside a Phoenix Mosque. Luckily, there was no violence (despite how heavily armed many of the anti-Islam protesters were) and something kind of wonderful happened: Jason Leger, a Phoenix resident wearing one of the […]

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