Women as forced breeding stock for the state.

madmax.wikia.com ICYMI, due to the massive phony freakout from the Right over bogus Planned Parenthood videos (and the inexplicable treating of it as credible by many mainstream news people) this is happening in Alabama: An unnamed woman, who is referred to in court documents only as Jane Doe, is asking for permission to travel to […]

AZ GOP wants Dems to return Planned Parenthood contributions because of course they do.

Per Miriam Wasser in Tuesday’s New Times: The Republican Party of Maricopa County is calling on four Democratic Arizona politicians to “return every penny” of the cumulative $45,000 in campaign contributions they received from Planned Parenthood in the last few years, and to “publicly rebuke fellow Democrats” for asking the Department of Justice to investigate […]

Yes, it’s Clinton Rules

I don’t buy NYT Public Editor Margaret Sullivan’s explanation for the paper’s glaringly flawed “exclusive” story (splashed across the front page and digital platforms) about a criminal investigation on Hillary Clinton over her emails. No, what happened appeared to yet another instance of “Clinton Rules” though I do agree with the general point about scoop […]

Anti-choicers have much in common with Birthers. Why is Brahm Resnik legitimizing them?

Seriously, Brahm? A few years ago I was on the Phoenix Channel 12 Sunday Square Off panel (I can’t for the life of me find the video) and one of the topics was Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio conducting a “cold case investigation” of President Obama’s birth certificate and eligibility for the Presidency. Donald Trump […]

I know his type so well. He gets so angry when you don’t smile for him.

I’m so white I could be Conan O’Brien’s twin sister so I obviously can’t speak to the experience of racialized encounters with law enforcement. Let me just get that out of the way. But when I watched the arrest video of Sandra Bland there was something that police officer Brian Encinia said – and the […]

Cathi Herrod smears AZ Planned Parenthood CEO

Oh my. Statement from Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod PHOENIX – “Like millions of Americans, I was horrified to see a top Planned Parenthood official callously discussing the strategic dismemberment of preborn children for the possible sale of their organs. As the video revealed, this issue has struck close to home because the […]

Governor Ducey hops aboard the idiot train on Planned Parenthood

Photo: ABC15.com This took longer than I expected, honestly: Governor Doug Ducey’s Statement on Planned Parenthood JULY 20, 2015 PHOENIX – In light of recent allegations of unlawful practices and procedures being performed by Planned Parenthood, Governor Doug Ducey today directed the Arizona Department of Health Services to conduct a thorough review of current law […]

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