Does Doug MacEachern oppose abortion to save the life of the woman? I have concerns about that!

I will not suffer a defective incubator to live! Well, the modicum of goodwill Doug MacEachern had built up with me on Wednesday for acknowledging the allegations that Planned Parenthood sells fetus parts are spurious was demolished on Thursday, when he walked that back and proceeded to insinuate that something sinister is going on after […]

On assuming the absolute worst of women (and the people who care for them) by default

Liar! To his credit, AZ Republic columnist Doug MacEachern examined some of the available evidence of recent the “OMG PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS SELLING BABY PARTS!!” allegation, found it wanting, and said so on Wednesday morning. But he wasn’t letting us off that easily. Doug did what many conservative pundits are doing, where he went with […]

Anti-choicers push a dumb conspiracy theory yet again

Perhaps looking for something, anything to distract from the devastation (for them) of the Iran nuclear deal (OMG, we’re going to negotiate instead of drop bombs on them, the humanity!), right wingers dredged up the tiresome urban legend of abortion clinics selling fetal body parts for profit on Tuesday. I’ve been familiar with this tale […]

What Jim Webb considers to be the liberal equivalent of Donald Trump

A woman doing the exact same thing as Donald Trump did when he described Mexican immigrants as rapists, obviously Former Senator Jim Webb (D-VA), who announced his candidacy for US Presidency to the enthusiasm of literally no one, had scathing words for GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Per The Hill: “This kind of divisive, inflammatory […]

Pro-choice movement (finally) gets proactive on demanding end to funding bans on abortion

When President Obama got elected in 2008 and Democrats took over both chambers of Congress I entertained the faint hope that they would overturn the Hyde Amendment. Naturally, I felt it was highly unlikely as the recession needed to be dealt with immediately (and that sense only deepened when Republicans pitched a fit over the […]

Bill Cosby and the cruel joke that is the “rape exception”

A friend of mine asked recently if I planned on posting about the recent release of the deposition where Bill Cosby admitted to obtaining qualuudes to drug women he wanted to have sex with. I do feel like others have done the matter itself more justice than I could (special kudos to Jamilah Lemieux) but […]

“Both sides” nonsense and REAL IDs

This past session the GOP majority in the Arizona Legislature whiffed on a chance to address the dumb and unforced dilemma the state is in with regard to our drivers licenses and IDs not complying with federal REAL ID standards. Here’s a brief overview of how it went down from the Republic back in March: […]

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