Turns out all the Planned Parenthood “sting” videos were deceptively edited. Will some mainstream reporters who legitimized the story care?

Planned Parenthood isn’t taking the bogus “sells baby parts!” attacks on them sitting down, and commissioned an independent expert to analyze the supposed full video footage released by the fake Center for Medical Progress outfit. Per Sarah Kliff of Vox.com: Planned Parenthood hired a forensic research firm to analyze about 12 hours of footage that […]

A lot of people can’t seem to get their heads around politics

@drvox the problem is that to admit the political truth would topple a lot of people's affectation of non-partisan objectivity — David Atkins (@DavidOAtkins) August 27, 2015 David Roberts’ latest piece for Vox, Tech nerds are smart. But they can’t seem to get their heads around politics. is a spectacular explication of the frustrating inability […]

EJ Montini would like people to discuss jailing women for abortion more politely

Arizona Republic columnist EJ Montini finds the way that some people engage in the ongoing debate over the fair use of the female breeding chattel to be unseemly. What? No placards? No shouting? No exchange of insults and accusations? Actually, no. Just people with different opinion having their say and responding to others in a […]

Planned Parenthood was rallied for and protested in Phoenix!

Idiots On Saturday morning I went to the rally for Planned Parenthood at its new location in midtown Phoenix, which was held in response to an anti-choice protest planned to be held outside. Abortion opponents were there as part of a nationwide protest of Planned Parenthood locations (several of which don’t actually perform abortions, as […]

Sorry Trump fans, but it’s good having grownups in charge

“The fundamental cause of the trouble in the modern world today is that the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.”—Bertrand Russell. I brought a handful of books to Sedona with me when we were up there but the one I read from start to finish was Jimmy Carter’s A Full Life: […]

The not-so-mysterious reason so many GOP women like Trump

Not for his looks, for sure. On my post-vacay trek to the gym I decided to watch Anderson Cooper as I rode the exercise bike. The top story of the night was, of course, the GOP primary and CNN’s latest poll that has Donald Trump in the lead plus favorable ratings, including by gender: But […]

Required reading while I’m on vacay

Mark and I are headed off to Sedona until Wednesday but I wanted to leave a post before we left. Read these things! First, read Rebecca Schoenkopf’s tribute to Jimmy Carter, which is the best. Jimmy Carter has liver cancer. Jimmy Carter is 90 years old. Jimmy Carter is one of the great Americans, if […]

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