Cool event in Phoenix about that Colorado birth control experiment

If you are a pro-choicer in the Phoenix area still spitting darts over that rage-inducing, cavalcade o’ misogyny Planned Parenthood hearing in Congress on Tuesday, here’s something positive you can enjoy: From the Facebook event page: Join us for hors d’ouevres, local Arizona wine, and a silent auction featuring a piece by local Cuban artist […]

There’s nothing enthralling, or new, about Carly Fiorina’s funhouse mirror “feminism”

Nothin’ new here, folks. Perhaps the most disheartening aspect of the last GOP presidential debate was following it on Twitter and seeing feminists I respect declare Carly Fiorina the “winner” and express admiration of her fierceness and command of information (bad information but, whatever, I guess). While I do agree that Fiorina handled the question […]

Anatomy of the “both sides do it” strategy

At long last, it appears that the Birther conspiracy is enough of an embarrassment to the GOP that they are not only dropping what seemed to be an official position of tacit tolerance, if not encouragement of it. Republicans are now actively distancing themselves from it and the way you can tell for certain they […]

About that “sensible” 20 week abortion ban the Senate tried to pass this week

Congress.Gov Anti-choicers like to tout the popularity of some of their positions and one of those that they do frequently is that of the 20 week ban on abortions. They have relentlessly and ingeniously painted procedures at that stage as being done mostly on flighty women who, midpoint in pregnancy or later, callously decide to […]

For my friends who continue to believe that legal abortion is safe

About a week to keep the government open, and 30% of this week's top bills aim to restrict reproductive rights. — Erin Matson (@erintothemax) September 22, 2015 On this very day in 2015 there are still liberals who cling to the belief that the anti-abortion stance is merely a ploy by wily “establishment” (whatever […]

Carly Fiorina “won” the debate by lying. And that really pisses me off.

The CNN GOP primary debate Wednesday night was a truly bizarre spectacle, wherein eleven(!) candidates tried to outdo each other in dog whistles and warmongering. Three hours of it! Three. Hours. It was clear from the beginning that this was orchestrated by the “establishment” of the GOP (which does not actually exist, since they’re all […]

Why adding family leave to an anti-abortion bill is bogus

Photo: Catholic Star Herald Anti-choicers are egregious in general but they are most frustrating to deal when they pretend to be seeking common ground while in reality pushing for the same bad forced birth policies under a thin veneer of caring about women. Some, like Democrats For Life and Secular Pro-Life, pretend to be liberal, […]

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