Is this the best we can expect in Arizona?

Sigh. Kate Brophy McGee is a Republican legislator who caucuses with, and votes with, her party the majority of the time. I’m not going to throw shade on the AZ Children’s Action Alliance for awarding her. They do what they gotta do and if Brophy McGee voted for the things the CAA considers immediately important, […]

Male politicians may shy away from attacking “women” but many will attack the hell out of certain women

I got asked to be on KJZZ, the Phoenix area’s public radio station, on Wednesday morning to discuss the upcoming election season and how the two major parties would be targeting female voters. This is because the National Federation of Republican Women is in town for a conference this week. I think I did okay […]

No, anti-choicers, there aren’t thousands of clinics that could easily replace Planned Parenthood

As anti-choice activists continue to push the now-thoroughly discredited “Planned Parenthood sells baby parts!” story as a ruse to defund the organization and deprive millions of women of contraception and health screenings (since federal funds can’t be used on abortion), you will often hear them speak of “thousands of community health clinics” that are readily […]

Strange way for the head of the AZ Chamber to act

Glenn Hamer: “You know, [business considering locating in AZ], you have a pretty face but would be cuter if you’d lose a few pounds!.” It has long been my understanding that business leaders care deeply about education. They want skilled workers and the quality of school systems is a major factor in decisions about where […]

Anti-choicers are out to replace Planned Parenthood with “clinics” that don’t offer birth control

A lot of very naive people hold a cherished illusion that the abortion debate can be solved through respectful dialog leading to a truce where the pro-choice side cedes ground on things like later term abortions and parental consent and the anti-abortion side agrees to stop opposing birth control and sex ed. This will lead […]

Matt Salmon maybe thinks American kids are too soft to do Jihad

Some inveterate internet snarkster (I wish I could remember who) devised the concept of “Jihad Envy” – also known as “Fatwa Envy” – to describe the uniquely they-doth-protest-too-much type of obsession many right wingers have for Islam. It often veers into looking decidedly as if they wished U.S. Christian reactionaries enjoyed the same institutional support […]

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