Robert Robb is correct, but also mistaken, in his analysis of Top Two Primary.

Photo: Arizona Republic Robert Robb makes a logically consistent, persuasive, and correct argument (sort of) in favor of the 2016 Top Two Primary initiative in Arizona: The principal objective of the top-two primary initiative shouldn’t be sugarcoated. It isn’t to increase voter turnout or eliminate discriminatory barriers to independent candidates. Those might be desired byproducts. […]

Top Two Primary intends to demolish Democrats in AZ.

As I drove home Wednesday evening I caught the tail end of a recorded segment on the radio about the Top Two Primary initiative. I heard a man telling KJZZ host Steve Goldstein (I’m paraphrasing) about how Democrats have little power in state government so Hispanic voters would do well to stop aligning themselves with […]

Houston indictments of anti-choice smear merchants show how their claims fall apart under the slightest scrutiny

Read op-ed by @daviddaleiden @CtrMedProgress indicted–corruption in the Grand Jury. #PPSellsBabyParts @PPact — Center for Arizona P (@azpolicy) January 25, 2016 Center for Arizona Policy, not dealing well with Monday’s news So many anti-choicers were having a bad day on Monday with the announcement that a Republican witch hunt of Planned Parenthood in Harris […]

Meet the highly shady out-of-state characters influencing, and bankrolling, Top Two Primary in AZ

John Arnold and Jackie Salit It’s no secret that “centrist” business leaders in the Central Phoenix corridor and their friends at the Arizona Republic are strongly backing the Top Two Primary initiative, which now has ballot language and is getting signatures gathered for it. Even political reporter Mary Jo Pitzl couldn’t help but make her […]

AZ Democratic caucus acting like a damn opposition party! Yay!

AZ Sen. Barbara McGuire The Arizona legislative session began last week and, as has been the case for most of the past decade or five, the Democrats are in the minority. If you pay attention to the doings at 1700 W. Washington St. you know that being the opposition party means that Democratic lawmakers, armed […]

Hillary Clinton takes a forceful stance on abortion rights like women matter or something!

So the contest between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is getting real, as was apparent in Sunday’s night’s Democratic Presidential debate on NBC (which got a respectable 10 million viewers, by the way), in which the two front-runners argued vociferously over their different approaches to health care, banks, gun control, and foreign policy. The disparity […]

The Top Two blackmailing of AZ Democrats begins!

From the AZ Capitol Times comes this teaser for their January 12th edition of the Yellow Sheet: Top two and anti-dark money rolled into one By: Yellow Sheet Report January 12, 2016 , 4:18 pm The campaigns for dark money disclosure and a “top-two” style primary election system have officially joined forces under the aegis […]

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