Governor Ducey the man-basher?

If you don't want your unlawful and irresponsible behavior going viral: Man up, and pay up. #AZontherise #deadbeat — Doug Ducey (@dougducey) January 11, 2016 In an otherwise unremarkable (for a conservative Republican governor in the pocket of Koch Industries) State of the State speech on Monday, Governor Doug Ducey said a few remarkable […]

They want it to be a jungle out there for voters

The year is new and, of course, the Top Two, AKA Jungle Primary people are very busy peddling their harebrained idea to gullible pundits. The latest to take the bait is Arizona Republic‘s Linda Valdez, who is arguably the most liberal member of the paper’s editorial board. Quoth Linda: First, you get rid of partisan […]

Ducey’s appoints notorious anti-public education figure to AZ Supreme Court

Yawn… You've become so predictable it's not even fun to read you anymore… 😴 — Daniel Scarpinato (@Scarpinato) January 6, 2016 Governor Ducey’s spokesman, responding to an EJ Montini column critical of his appointment of Clint Bolick to the AZ Supreme Court. Ugh, what a week. My brain is so crowded with things to […]

Look who’s excited about Prop 123

Per the AZ Capitol Times, Governor Ducey is positively giddy over the strong support his education funding plan is getting from the “business community”: Let’s Vote Yes for Arizona’s Schools, the campaign committee formed to promote Prop. 123 in the May 17 special election, announced that it brought in about $1.75 million in its first […]

Ducey: Prosperity Is Just Around The Corner!

No, this isn’t Governor Doug Ducey. It’s President Herbert Hoover. But same shit, different century. It appears the efforts of Governor Doug Ducey and his communications people to enforce mandatory optimism are working, judging from this recent piece in the Arizona Capitol Times about the governor’s first year in office: Remaking Arizona: Ducey’s free-market approach […]

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