Out for the rest of the week

I’m off to Nevada to volunteer for the Hillary Clinton campaign. See you all next week!

Diligent voters are now the “angriest mob”, per Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson, Open and Honest Coalition It used to be, not long ago, that voters who never missed any election were known as “good citizens”. But as the country has become more polarized and increasingly ungovernable, thanks entirely to one party (the GOP) being overtaken completely by rabid reactionaries, there is an increasing tendency by […]

In which I compliment Bernie Sanders for what some of his own supporters seem to think is bad for some reason

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders had turned in two solid election performances in the first two states of the Democratic Primary. He nearly won Iowa and went on the next week to win New Hampshire decisively. Rather than simply be happy about it, some Sanders supporters (egged on heavily by pundits who really want to keep […]

On not taking the bait from the Bill Mahers

“Hey, Gratehouse, do you think this Victoria’s Secret catalog is sexist?“, he asked me. It was twenty some odd years ago and this was in the break room at the torpedo maintenance facility where my interlocutor, Torpedoman’s Mate Third Class Lee, and I worked in Yokusuka, Japan. This was in the dark days before online […]

Bernie Sanders: Candidate of the AZ Democratic “establishment”

So I have no problem with this per se: It’s perfectly their prerogative for several Democratic legislators, county supervisors, and council members to endorse the Presidential candidate of their choosing. It’s even alright for the three people who listed their positions in the state or county parties to do so. I’ve never believed anyone was […]

Anti-choicers want dead fetuses to supersede live women

Until people quit murdering their children, abolitionists should go everywhere! https://t.co/1cpcEvq6SW — Devan Lindsey (@DevanL3791) January 15, 2016 Some of them really do earnestly describe themselves as “abolitionists” and, yes, they do want to treat “suspicious” miscarriages as murder. The Arizona Legislature is in session and, as sure as the sun rises in the east, […]

DiCiccio walked right into the trap the Satanists sprung for him

Politicians pushing Satanic Prayer for "diversity and inclusivity," about to get pushed back https://t.co/OoY6byE39H pic.twitter.com/3pkxQVNKvn — Sal DiCiccio (@Sal_DiCiccio) January 31, 2016 Someone’s being politically correct about this and it’s probably the guy looking in the mirror at you, Sal Those wily Satanists have struck again! This time, they have requested to lead the prayer […]

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