Would be nice if women got to “focus on more important things”.

“Young lady, cover yourself! You are an abomination upon this institution!” “Young man, go on with your cheeky t-shirt! You will one day make a fine candidate for office!” The GOP nominee for President Donald Trump is attempting to distract from his considerable bad history with women* by attacking the probable Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton […]

Anti-choicers continue to hound Phoenix clinic, with Channel 12’s help

While many anti-choicers still keep up the thin pretense in public that they don’t wish to punish women for abortion, they have never made any bones about their intention to go after doctors who perform abortions via legislation targeting them and smear campaigns. Sadly, they’ve gotten gullible (or possibly sympathetic, I can’t really tell at […]

Candidate’s boyfriend in danger of being overshadowed by qualified women

It’s been a great year for women, right? I mean, Emerge Arizona has 16 women running for office in 2016, and then there’s that whole woman-about-to-become-President-of-the-free-world thing. As an Emerge AZ alumna and Emerge AZ board member for nine years, I have a lot to be grateful for. Things are so awesome, our work here […]

Bernie and (some of) his supporters have become my dad.

Yes, this (now former) Facebook friend threatened to murder super delegates My father was a man whose default setting was bitter and his temper, when he lost it completely, was hot-fire explosive. Growing up in his household was not fun, as you might imagine. One thing I learned about my dad early in life, out […]

Center for AZ Policy couldn’t resist getting that last dig in at poor women. Which will only increase the number of abortions.

Nope, still not about “saving babies” File this under News That Should Surprise No One. It turns out that restrictions on abortion, which are more often than not criminal ones that target women for prosecution (despite the insistence of anti-choicers that they never, ever will do that!), do not actually reduce the rate of abortion […]

Ducey’s court packing scheme is the most IOKIYAR thing ever

Per Russell Berman of The Atlantic: Republicans have not traditionally been fans of Franklin Roosevelt, but in statehouses across the country they are trying to emulate one of the Democratic president’s most notorious schemes: court-packing. The latest effort is in Arizona, where the GOP-controlled legislature has passed a measure to increase the number of justices […]

AZ Republic engages in some last minute hippie punching to shore up Prop 123

Bob Robb is very disappointed in you hippies Before I begin let me state that I plan to vote for Prop 123 so the following is not intended to be an argument against it. I tell you, if there’s one thing you can count on here in Phoenix besides sunny weather is the tendency of […]

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