Let’s not torch the witch just yet in the Tucson newscaster cocaine case.

This is something you should not use while pregnant or breastfeeding. Should you be prosecuted for it, though? A couple in Tuscon who were new parents and also newscasters were arrested recently for being in possession of drugs and because their four month old infant was found to have cocaine in his blood. Two former […]

Cathi Herrod’s very bad, no good Monday

Dangerous ruling for women. SCOTUS wrong to strike down common- sense abortion law. — Cathi Herrod (@cathiherrod) June 27, 2016 Oh, Cathi Herrod and Center for AZ Policy, never change! Here is CAP’s statement on Monday’s 5-3 SCOTUS decision invalidating a 2013 Texas law that placed onerous restrictions on abortion providers, under the laughably transparent […]

Feelings are not necessarily a solid basis for laws

Helpful Venn Diagram to illustrate the ideal relationship between your feelz about something that likely has nothing to with you and what the law over it should be I was disappointed to see AZ Republic‘s Linda Valdez had gotten lured in by the anti-pot hysteria, as she is now leaning against legalization in Arizona based […]

Why is it the DNC’s fault that young people aren’t voting?

Looks like most of us have some ‘splainin’ to do about our voting regularity I've tried to understand the DNC's strategy to engage younger voters and I'm at a loss. — deray mckesson (@deray) June 19, 2016 DeRay Mckesson is a great activist, who is running for Mayor of Baltimore under a platform of civil […]

Read this now about the Second Amendment!

Bigotry and Bullets: How White Male Privilege is Literally Killing Us https://t.co/9O4w4tn13a via @docrocktex26 — Propane Jane (@docrocktex26) June 15, 2016 Read every bit of this Storify stream of tweets. So that when you get that catch in your throat, where you feel like you have to nod your head and agree with the frothing […]

Republicans won’t be defeated by demolishing the Democrats

.@Nate_Cohn if Dems go to total open primaries, they should just disband their state parties altogether. No point if joining is unnecessary. — Joy Reid (@JoyAnnReid) June 14, 2016 MSNBC’s Joy Reid pointing out an obvious and important truth Despite the Democratic primary having unequivocally ended on Tuesday with Hillary Clinton’s sweeping victory of the […]

Fundamentalist Christians using the Orlando massacre to sell their own brand of bigotry

If there’s anyone who should definitely just be keeping their yaps shut right now, it would be conservative Christians but, no. Quoth Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod in the Phoenix Business Journal: “The terrorist attack on fellow Americans Sunday morning was an unspeakable tragedy and we pray for the families who are mourning […]

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