AZ Republic’s historic endorsement of Clinton is great. Hope they build upon it.

@azcentral WORST ENDORSEMENT EVER we will never buy nor read ur awful paper.Crooked AZ Republic & Crooked @HillaryClinton deserve each other — David and Michelle (@David_M_K) September 28, 2016 Some people are not taking the endorsement well. I was truly expecting the Arizona Republic to do their usual thing on a Presidential endorsement, where they […]

Voting third party is worse than throwing your vote away

Don’t blow your vote on this cheeseball! Photo: Gary Johnson’s website On the way down to do phonebanking early Wednesday evening I was half-listening to “All The Fresh American Things Considered” or whatever on NPR when they began a segment about young, disaffected voters considering voting third party. They spoke to two former Sanders primary […]

Religious Right continues to be desperate for a “win” on pot

#NoOn205 @WilliamJBennett warns against #Prop205– My Turn: 3 lies the pro-marijuana side is pushing about Prop. 205 — Center for Arizona P (@azpolicy) September 19, 2016 America’s Holy Warriors have suffered recent setbacks to their ongoing projects of oppressing LGBTQ citizens and depriving women of bodily autonomy due to recent court decisions, public outcry […]

Had it happened on Al Gore’s watch.

Presidential! Imagine it, Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001. Two planes crash into the World Trade Center. Another crashes into the Pentagon. Still another crashes into a field in Pennsylvania. Imagine if Al Gore had been President that day. Do you believe Gore would enjoy a 90% approval rating on September 24, 2001? I don’t. I […]

GUEST POST: A Slightly Annoyed Defense of Hillary Clinton

Guest post from Elizabeth from "Rich person laundering political donation (bribe) through his foundation and hiding it on IRS filings" Sounds like Clinton, but it's Trump — Justin Green (@JGreenDC) September 3, 2016 I saw that tweet the other day. And I got a little annoyed. Why? Because I actually don’t think it sounds […]

You’re over two weeks late and a dollar short, AP

AP deleted an 8/23 tweet on Clinton's meetings at State that omitted key context. Details: — The Associated Press (@AP) September 8, 2016 On the evening after the “damning” AP story broke about a supposed pay-to-play scandal with the Clinton Foundation (which has since proven to be bullshit), that had been teased by […]

Ignorance isn’t independence, or an excuse

WaPo‘s David Weigel makes a humorous, though endlessly frustrating (for us politico types), observation about American voters: It’s not the most original thought experiment, but it’s useful: Imagine a conversation with your past self, or some confused passerby, in 1991. Tell him that in the future, basically everyone will carry a tiny supercomputer at all […]

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