Deplorable AZ GOP chair Robert Graham won’t be casting stones at a guy simply for being rapey!

Here’s AZ GOP Chair Bob Graham, standin’ by his man “Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone.” PHOENIX – This afternoon Chairman Robert Graham of the Arizona Republican Party released the following statement in support of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump. “Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone.” As […]

You better accept the “nice” misogynists, ladies, or you’ll force us to run really gross ones!

Right wing dude barfed this “wisdom” up about Trump, in the wake of recent further revelations of what a nasty, rapey scumbag the GOP Presidential nominee is. Mitt Romney: Faithful family man.Stands by wife with M.S.Went out of his way to hire women.Polite, G-rated. Dems: "WAR ON WOMEN!!!" — Dan McLaughlin (@baseballcrank) October 7, 2016 […]

Pence won the Theater Critics Award for his debate performance. Which is great for anti-choice liars.

NEWSFLASH, @Mike_Pence: Women are already prosecuted for abortion & their pregnancy outcomes. #NotMyTicket — Planned Parenthood (@PPact) October 5, 2016 One of the many things Indiana Governor and Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Mike Pence lied about in his award-winning Tuesday night debate with Democratic nominee, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, was the stance on abortion held […]

Teach your children well

So this charming image has gone viral today. 12-year-olds Riley and Hunter at the #LovelandTrump event. — Saja Hindi (@BySajaHindi) October 3, 2016 I was thinking about my past involvement in candidate recruitment and training and about how difficult it is to get people to run for office as Democrats in Arizona. Many potentially […]

Yours truly won the New Times Best Liberal Blog award, for being rabidly partisan!

I was very pleasantly surprised by this, given that I’ve tangled with NT writers a time or two: She is liberal, hear her roar. Local lefty firebrand Donna Gratehouse is an unrepentant Democrat and feminist in a state dominated by Republicans hell-bent on doing everything they can to restrict women’s reproductive rights as well as […]

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