A hale and hearty welcome to the “newcomer” in the PHX Mayor race

31 Aug 2011 10:46 pm
Posted by: Donna

Per yesterday’s Republic:

Former Councilman Greg Stanton is headed to a fall showdown against newcomer Wes Gullett in a runoff election that will determine the next mayor of Phoenix.

Newcomer? Oh, okay. This guy:

Gullett has extensive experience in government. He was Chief of Staff for Arizona Governor Fife Symington from July 1993 to April 1996. In addition he served as Administrative Assistant to U.S. Senator John McCain. He also served as Senator McCain’s 1992 Campaign Manager. Gullett’s tenure with McCain was seven years and included Administrative Assistant, Community Relations Director and Northern Arizona/Maricopa County Field Director for McCain for Senate (1986).

Is, I guess, what constitutes a political neophyte these days. Wes Gullett is Newbie McOutsider. Roger that. You know who else claims that they are totally new to politics??


Wes, meet the Tea Party. Oh wait, it looks like you’ve already made their acquaintance!

Wes Gullett: He’s not just a lobbyist. He’s also a Tea Partier.

Yes he is.

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