ALEC is coming on Wednesday!

28 Nov 2011 10:42 am
Posted by: Donna

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), that consortium of right wing legislators and their powerful corporate handlers, will be in Scottsdale Wednesday through Friday for a plutocrat-a-palooza known as ta States & Nation Policy Summit. Via Modern Times, here’s the conference schedule, which is chock full of seminars and workshops dealing with things like cutting taxes, gutting pensions, and privatization. Modern Times also links to a schedule of protest activities, starting today, from AZ Resists ALEC. ALEC Exposed is a coalition of labor and community groups and they too will be confronting the corporate lobbyists and their right wing lackey legislators at the conference. Here is their schedule of activities:

This event is sponsored by the national ALECexposed coalition.
Thank you!

Arizona ALEC Exposed
The main goals identified for the ALEC Exposed events in Arizona are to:
1) 1) Expose ALEC’s national and state infrastructure and to highlight the undue influence that ALEC has in the Arizona legislature.
2) 2) Identify ALEC sponsored legislation that has directly impacted and harmed Arizonians.
3) 3) Involve the progressive community in Arizona in pushing back on the far reaching influence that ALEC has on Arizona’s political landscape and on the policy decisions that influence has on the Arizona legislature
4) 4) Focus state and national media coverage on ALEC’s oversized role in the corporate control of our democracy.

In response to meeting these goals, state and national advocacy organizations will hold a community event on the evening on Tuesday, November 29th, at the South Mountain Community College in Phoenix; and then to hold a Voices of Arizona press conference on Wednesday, November 30th, either on the lawn of the Arizona State House, or inside if the weather is inclement.

Tuesday, November 29th
Arizona Community Event
South Mountain Community College
7050 S. 24th Street, Phoenix, Arizona
Contact: Barbara Kutnick
602-243-8284 (office)
6:00 pm – Welcome – Catered buffet style dinner will be provided
6:15 pm – Welcome and Introductory remarks by Hon. John Loredo
6:20 pm Video Presentation provided by Cuéntame and Brave New Foundation
6:30 pm Interactive Panel Presentation on the American Legislative Exchange Council
Panelist will focus on ALEC’s undue political influence on a national and state level, and the role that ALEC plays in the Arizona Legislature. Panelist comments will be brief, and then the panel will be open for community participation.
Moderated by Doug Clopp – Common Cause
· Lisa Graves – Center for Media and Democracy
· Marge Baker – People for the American Way
· Hon. John Loredo
· Sheri Van Horsen – President, AFSCME Local 3111
· Rebekah Friend – Executive Director AZ AFL-CIO
· Joe Thomas -Arizona Education Association
· Erika Andiola – Promise Arizona
7: 15 pm -Given all that we have learned about ALEC’s undue influence, coordinated infrastructure, and power; how can states like Arizona fight back? How can a progressive agenda be advanced successful?
o Comments provided by Randy Parraz, Co -Founder and President of Citizens for a Better Arizona.
7:25 – Community Break out discussion
Panelists and participants will break into small groups focused on specific policy areas that ALEC model legislation is affecting adversely. For example: Immigration, Labor, Public Education, Voting Rights, Environment, and Campaign Finance Reform.
8:30 – Community Report Back
9:00 pm – Adjourn

Wednesday, November 30th
11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Press Conference – Voices of Arizona
Arizona State House
Master of Ceremonies – Hon. John Loredo
· Immigration Rights activist – Dream Act- AZ SB 1070
o Erika Andiola – Promise Arizona
· Private Prisons
o Caroline Isaacs – American Friends Service Committee
· Public Education advocate – Possibly asking the AZ Teacher of the Year
o Erin Kirchoff is a Middle School Theater Teacher in the Kyrene School District
· Labor –
o Rebekah Friend , AZ AFL-CIO will introduce Cindy Chacon, and Frank Piccolli, AFSCME 2960
· Voter ID
o Lilia Alvarez
· Small Business advocate –
o Todd Landfried, Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform
Faith Leader

I’m pleased that so many progressives in AZ, and across the country, are aware of ALEC now. I saw several comments on Facebook this morning where people correctly identified ALEC as the originator of SB1070 rather than Russell Pearce. This is a good start but Pearce is still regularly identified as the “author” of the bill in MSM reports though I doubt he’s authored anything in his life. He couldn’t even write his own racist tirades on his website. He lifted them from white supremacist sites. And the majority of bad laws coming out of the AZ legislature (and state legislatures in other red states) are equally unoriginal. I think this should be thrown in politician ALEC members’ faces at every opportunity. “You’re so unoriginal.” Followed by a sigh and a wry shake of the head.


  1. Comment by Timmys Cat on November 28, 2011 4:07 pm

    stoopid friggin website ate my glorious comment.! cat+shoes=get my drift?

    Rusty Pearce is only one rancid rose in the SB1070 fecal bouquet. Don’t forget it would result in the arrest of lots of brown pipples. “Golly, where will we put them all?” you might ask.(you might)
    Private prisons to the rescue! CCA is ready to step in to build and run a ll the prisons you need. The same CCA who is an old and powerful member of ALEC
    “So?” you might ask. (you might)
    More rotten goodness-
    •Paul Senseman, Gov. Brewer’s Chief of Staff is a former lobbyist for CCA and his wife is currently lobbying for them
    •Chuck Coughlin, the Governor’s campaign manager, runs a public relations firm that lobbies for CCA
    •Mark Brnovich, Chair of the Governor’s Commission on Privatization and Efficiency, served as a Senior Director of State and Customer Relations for Corrections Corporation of America from 2005-2006 and was a lobbyist for them in 2007

    the music goes round and round
    whoaoo-oo o-o
    and it comes out here$$$$$$$

  2. Comment by Timmys Cat on November 29, 2011 10:29 am

    Speaking of rough tough immigration weinies. Alabama has been visited by the great god Unintended Consequences.


  3. Comment by Donna on November 29, 2011 12:50 pm

    No it didn’t my feline darling. Your lackadaisical hostess is just now getting up to her moderation queue.

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