Amnesty Amnesia is a prerequisite to entry into the New Cult of Reagan

18 Mar 2009 09:09 pm
Posted by: Donna

Hat tip to Tedski for posting GOP legislative rankings from the Pachyderm Coalition.    They evaluated lawmakers using a formula that calculated each one’s relative adherence to the canons of St. Ronald of Reagan via a weighting system: 

Summary of criteria used to weight bills:

1) Supports US Constitution
2) Supports Republican Party Platform
3) Supports individual / private sector empowerment over government empowerment
4) Supports national security (including illegal alien issues)
5) Reduces government spending
6) Reduces tax rates in general
7) Will have a significant impact

Number 4 intrigues me because I didn’t see any legislation that directly addresses immigration. I guess the bills dealing with AHCCCS verification and fraud would fall under that heading since they’d discourage undocumented residents from applying for benefits to which they aren’t legally entitled.  That must be why anti-immigration crusader Russell Pearce was given a grade of 95.1 and deemed a “Reagan Republican”, as opposed to a “Pro-Freedom Republican”, or simply a mere “Republican”.  After all, it was Reagan who signed the 1986 immigration reform act, granting 2.7 million undocumented immigrants amnesty.  He flat out called it amnesty too.  None of this namby-pamby “path to legalization” hoo-ha that you hear from politicians now.  It’s always entertaining to watch Republicans squirm when this is pointed out to them.  Some of them, like Ed Meese, imagined that they had a seance with Reagan where he told them he’d be totally on board with the current anti-immigration stance of Republicans (except for the ones who like cheap labor wink wink nudge nudge) if he had it to do over.   But the past is the past and the real Ronald Reagan – not the posthumously reconstructed one – was a big ol’ amnesty lover. 

I tried to find Pachyderm Coalition Reagan ratings for 2006, the year that the lege passed all those draconian anti-immigrant ballot measures.  There don’t seem to be any available.  I guess that wasn’t such a good year to be compared to Ronald Reagan. 

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