An examination of the Not Tom Horne candidate for AZ Attorney General

21 May 2014 06:31 pm
Posted by: Donna

AZ Attorney General Tom Horne’s prospects continue to plummet, with today’s news that Rep. Matt Salmon has asked him to withdraw his bid for reelection. Horne would certainly save himself some money and embarrassment if he did but, at this point, it really doesn’t matter what Tom Horne does because he is not going to win that primary. While much is made of GOP primaries being used to punish incumbents for not being ideologically pure enough, those kinds of primaries rarely succeed out of safe red districts. Tom Horne, on the other hand, is being primaried because he’s a pompous idiot who made a series of dumb mistakes after eking out a win against Felicia Rotellini (by almost 4 points but it was 2010 so that counts as “eking”). He’s made the mistakes that would enable Rotellini to defeat him easily. So, obviously, they need to get rid of him now.

This is similar to Nancy Barto knocking Ray Barnes out of the Senate in 2010 after Barnes said things about women and bathrooms and whatnot that were too batshit even for Arizona Republicans or to Sen. Rick Murphy, who is about to lose his seat to Rep. Debbie Lesko, who was hastily recruited when allegations of child abuse surfaced against him. Note that this type of primary is used simply to remove an incumbent who will have a hard time getting reelected due to personal foible. There is no ideological consideration whatsoever. Barto was every bit as right wing as Barnes, as is Lesko vis a vis Murphy. It’s just like replacing like. But since Horne is a statewide incumbent, some people might be tempted to think that the Not Tom Horne candidate, Mark Brnovich, is more moderate than Horne because some people are so desperately fixated on “moderate Republicans” that they project that label rather indiscriminately. But let’s peruse Brnovich’s campaign site to see why it would be wrong to assume that:

Man, that’s some straight up angry-birther-uncle-email right there. Plus, is he pretending to be shocked that top prosecutors pick and choose what cases they assign or does he really not understand that is the whole point of the job? Not looking good on the “moderate” front thus far. Let’s move on to the other issues.

Yep, as you might expect, Not Tom Horne is all about being Sheriff Of Your Uterus. Pretty gross how he weaves the CPS crisis into his obsession with zygotes like that but what might even be worse is how he would deal with the problem at CPS. He seems far more interested in punishing caseworkers than in seeing that the investigations are done and that abused and neglected children are helped. As for the “Restore Integrity” part, there are some definite dog whistles to the religious fundamentalist base there. So, ultimately, we have to conclude that Not Tom Horne is every bit the radical reactionary that Tom Horne is and continue to stress the need to elect Felicia Rotellini.

I put Not Tom Horne’s issues page as screen shots because hard right stances on things like abortion have a way of “disappearing” from Republican candidate sites once the general election has begun. Watch that space.

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