And now those Phony Soldiers think they should get college educations too. Someone should tell Rush.

06 Oct 2007 11:45 am
Posted by: Donna

Isn’t this nice.  Came across this whilst on my Saturday morning blog sojourn: Minnesota Soldiers’ Benefits Fall Short What happened was this National Guard unit thought they would be eligible for a more generous GI bill package, due to their extended deployment to Iraq. Reservists generally get less money for college than active duty, unless they are activated for a certain number of days. Isn’t it convenient how they were pulled home one day short of the minimum? I’m sure it was a mere coincidence.

Have I mentioned how much I loathe the military-industrial complex?

Well, we shouldn’t be surprised about this. The money to pay the “real” soldiers of Blackwater has to come from somewhere, right? Might as well take some of it from the peons who wear actual U.S. Army uniforms. Besides, that’ll teach them to come back and speak out against the occupation. And you know what happens when GIs return and go to college don’t you? Some of them get these fancypants “ideas” about things, and the next thing you know, you’ve got a bunch of critical thinkers on your hands!

Seriously though, this story makes me realize one of the benefits to them of using National Guard troops in the occupation. That means that a large percentage of the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan will not receive the kind of college benefits that I got for being active duty. And I never saw one day of combat! That is truly outrageous.

Really, have I mentioned how much I hate the military-industrial complex?

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