Anti-choicers continue to hound Phoenix clinic, with Channel 12’s help

24 May 2016 12:48 pm
Posted by: Donna

911 questions

While many anti-choicers still keep up the thin pretense in public that they don’t wish to punish women for abortion, they have never made any bones about their intention to go after doctors who perform abortions via legislation targeting them and smear campaigns. Sadly, they’ve gotten gullible (or possibly sympathetic, I can’t really tell at this point) MSM news people to go along with that, as Channel 12 has with their ongoing coverage of lurid account of a “born alive” fetus at a Phoenix abortion clinic.

The reports said a nurse went to weigh the fetus, which is standard procedure, and thought she saw it move and struggle to breathe. “Oh my God this fetus is moving,” the reports claim she said.

Staff at the clinic then called 911 and paramedics began CPR while transporting the baby to Banner University Medical Center, the report said. But doctors there did not find a heartbeat and pronounced the baby deceased within a few minutes.

Under federal law, abortion clinics have to provide medical care to a baby that survives an abortion.

“Nobody did anything wrong,” Kat Sabine, executive director of the Arizona chapter NARAL Pro-Choice America. “Absolutely, nobody did anything wrong. The doctor, in fact, did everything right.”

This should be the end of it but, no. Here’s LifeSite News, which I read daily so you don’t have to, keeping their troops riled up about the story:

A local television station has obtained a recording of the emergency call, which was placed inside the Family Planning Associates Medical Group two months ago, stirring anew the controversy over late-term abortions and the care of potentially viable newborns.

According to police records, a 27-year-old mother of five began the abortion process on February 25 by taking an abortifacient pill. When she arrived to complete the abortion, police records say she went into “spontaneous labor.”

The baby, whom abortionist Eleanor Stanley measured at between 21.5 and 23.5 weeks, was born in the office. Dr. Stanley said the baby had no heartbeat.

But when an office worker placed the baby on the scale to weigh the “remains,” she screamed, “Oh my God, this fetus is moving!”

That abortion worker can be heard calling 911 for assistance in newly released audio.

Aside from, again, showing how the people at the clinic did nothing wrong, this story has everything for overheated anti-choice zealots to latch onto. The police were involved! Screaming! And the patient had allegedly taken the first pill in the two-pill process to terminate a pregnancy via medication, which plays right into another recent anti-choice myth, that medication abortions can be “reversed” between the first and second pill.

I mean, I get why they’re into it but, Channel 12? What the hell is wrong with you? Do you think you’re going to get a Pulitzer for hounding a clinic and potentially violating the privacy of a patient who may already be traumatized, based on a hot top from a bunch of loony tunes with a penchant for lying and an obsession with punishing women for sex?

LifeSite News, unabashed in the slightest by last summer’s “Planned Parenthood sell baby parts” going sideways on anti-choicers in a very bad way, decided to regurgitate a video “scandal” from 2013 from the same Phoenix clinic involved in the recent “born alive fetus” story, in which a technician was prodded by an undercover anti-choice operative into making incriminating statements about how they’d deal with a fetus that appeared to be alive during a procedure. Local news people, needless to say, lapped that story up and I was even interviewed about it on the news by Channel 12’s Brahm Resnik, who took the tapes seriously then (as he did with the Planned Parenthood “sting” two years later) despite it coming straight from anti-choice nutbags.

When that exact “born alive” situation did arise recently, the clinic staff did exactly what they were supposed to do per the laws and policies anti-choicers insisted be put in place. But of course that was wrong, because nothing a provider of abortion does is ever right. This is the only consistency you will ever find with anti-choicers. Does the person pushing this story at Channel 12 care about that? Seems the answer is no.

Channel 12’s latest breathless installment of this non-story also appeared on Cleveland affiliate WKYC’s website, much of it having clearly been cribbed from the same press release LifeSite News used for their article. Except Channel 12 found it necessary to, once again, quote a creepy anti-choice “activist and lawyer”:

Pro-life activist and lawyer John Jakubczyk said it’s not the legality, but rather the morality that the groups were calling attention to.

“Maybe the child was born and lived for a moment. Maybe it lived for more than a few moments, I don’t know,”Jakubczyk said. “I wasn’t there. But I do know this, you had a human being that was born, a human being who died.”

Oh, okay, it’s the morality now! Thanks bunches, Channel 12, for doing your part in legitimizing this angry mob of woman-hating assholes.

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